Smart appliances: when your household starts running itself

Sounds familiar? As soon as everything looks neat and tidy, another pile of dirty dishes or laundry magically appears at your home. Doing housework often seems like an endless loop – especially when children or pets are involved. That’s where modern technology comes in: with the right devices, you can save plenty of time and energy on a daily basis.

1. Smart Home appliances to keep the dust away

Did you know that on average, we spend up to 40 hours a year vacuuming?

Luckily, this is no longer necessary: smart household electronics will clean your floor all by themselves. Memorising the layout of different rooms, vacuum robots like the Roxxter can easily find their way through your house. Apart from stairs, the small helper safely circumvents any obstacle and then returns back to its charging station. You can monitor or change the route anytime via app – even when you’re not home. Alternatively, you can also activate the smart appliance from German manufacturer Bosch with the help of a voice assistant. All it takes is a simple command: “Alexa, tell XX to start vacuuming the living room!”

Smart, small, and clean: the Roxxter vacuum. Source: YouTube / boschhomeappliances

2. Smart household gadgets to never sweep things under the rug

Vacuum robots won’t always do the trick. In bathrooms and kitchens, for example, drops and spatters can quickly leave nasty stains on the floor. The easy solution: a robotic mop such as the Braava model from iRobot. Using wet mopping pads and dry sweeping pads, this smart appliance picks up anything from grease to pet hair. It also has a jet spray to tackle sticky messes – without spoiling nearby walls, carpets, or furniture.

Similar to vacuum robots, the Braava can navigate around your home and figure out the best route all by itself. You can set up time schedules for each room via app or simply activate the gadget via voice control. Whenever it runs out of power, the robot will return to its charging station and then continue where it left off.

Smart household appliances can mop tiled or hardwood floors. Source: YouTube / iRobot

3. Smart appliances for spotless laundry

Doing laundry can become quite an ordeal: a gentle cycle for cotton and silk, a thorough cycle with extra rinse for workout clothes, or maybe just a quick mix to save energy? A smart washing machine will answer all of these questions for you. Via app, you can choose the colour, material, and the degree of staining.

The system then tells you which cycle is best for the next round of laundry. Of course, you can also rely on the app to start your washing machine or set a timer for when it should finish. While you’re taking a walk or relaxing on the sofa, your smartphone keeps you up-to-date about the current status.

With a smart washing machine, it’s easy to check the status of your laundry via app. Source: YouTube / Bosch Home UK and Ireland

4. Smart appliances for fresh and smooth laundry

Do you ever wash your clothes just to get rid of annoying smells or creases? Over time, this can lead to damaged fabrics and leave signs of wear and tear. So if there are no actual stains, you can revert to another smart appliance: the LG Styler is a gentle alternative to the customary washing machine.

It freshens up textiles with an innovative steaming technique that removes germs and allergen. After the steam has infiltrated the fabric, smells and creases are gone within 20 minutes – without the use of toxic chemicals. Another benefit: thanks to an integrated ironing press, the creases in your slacks will be in exactly the right place.

Fresh laundry without a washing machine? No problem, thanks to the LG Styler. Source: YouTube / LGElectronicsSG

5. Smart lighting control to keep your hands free

How often do you pass a light switch at home while busy with balancing a huge pile of laundry or dirty dishes? This is not only annoying – it can also become dangerous, especially at night time. Luckily, there are many ways to turn on the lights without a switch: smart motion detectors, for example, react automatically whenever you step into the room.

The Gira Sensotec uses high-frequency sensors to adjust the brightness with utmost precision. Whenever someone is approaching, a dimmed light helps them find their way in the dark. Once you’re in close proximity, you can turn on the light fully with a simple movement. Smart functions like these are just as convenient as they are sustainable. Once you leave a room, the lights will be switched off automatically – so you won’t waste any energy on forgotten lamps that keep burning.

Orientation light Gira Sensotec +

Gira Sensotec and Sensotec LED

Whenever you come close to a Gira Sensotec switch, it will turn on the lights – dimmed and glare-free.

Orientation light and motion sensor combined in one device: the Gira Sensotec. Source: Gira

6. Smart kitchen appliances for perfectly cooked meals

Any professional chef will tell you that timing is everything: a few minutes to soon or too late can completely change the outcome of a recipe. But what if you get distracted in between – or simply don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen? Easy answer: you let smart appliances such as Chef@Home from Haier do the work. This oven uses A.I. to figure out the right program for each dish you are preparing.

It will notify you as soon as the dish is ready to be taken out. Of course, you can also configure the timer, temperature, and ventilation yourself – via touch screen or voice assistant. The smart oven even entertains you while cooking: with a WiFi connection, you can google recipes, watch video tutorials, or just enjoy some good music.

A smart oven always knows when your meal is ready to be served. Source: YouTube / Haier

Which smart appliances help you out at home? Do you have any recommendations? We look forward to your comments!

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