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Small Size Premium Spa: A relaxing spa experience in even the smallest bathrooms

The role of pioneering design is twofold: It not only sets the tone for the trends of the future, but also adapts to the latest developments in the world around us. In modern towns and cities, there is a shortage of urban living space – yet we all strive for an enhanced quality of life. The bathroom is increasingly becoming a space to retreat and relax within the modern home. In response to these societal trends, studio Sieger Design has created the Small Size Premium Spa (SSPS): A six-square-metre luxury bathroom concept packed with spa-quality features.

Broadening Horizons: The six-square-metre spa experience

There’s no need for a window with the Small Size Premium Spa.

Instead, designer Michael Sieger has devised Broadening Horizons, his interpretation of a virtual window that not only adds emotion and atmosphere to the room, but also creates a feeling of light and space.

Another challenge when designing small bathrooms is how to divide up the room for its various uses without sacrificing valuable space. The Small Size Premium Spa uses a glass wall to separate the generously proportioned wet zone from the dry zone. The minimalist design unifies the two areas and creates a harmonious aesthetic.


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A premium experience in the Small Size Premium Spa

Think about your own bathroom: Would you have space for a shower area in which you could comfortably enjoy a rain shower or steam bath – either sitting or lying down? In modern small luxury spa bathrooms, horizontal and vertical shower units bring these kinds of spa experiences into your home in just 3.5 square metres of space. If you still need a bath tub, a custom model can be installed – complete with a cover to transform it into a storage and seating area when not in use – to fit your space with millimetre precision. The functional design continues in the dry zone: The double washbasin, for example, not only adds to the luxury aesthetic, but also offers additional storage space for an uncluttered, clean look.

Audio and light scenarios to recreate a luxury spa atmosphere at home

The SSPS features an audio system integrated into the wall to play sounds that help you unwind. The lighting is also designed for ultimate relaxation: The LED technology not only provides light that is bright enough for your daily beauty and skincare regime, but also comes with light bars and spotlights pre-programmed with individual light scenarios that you can activate at the touch of a button, to create the perfect mood for your spa experience. The light scenarios can be controlled using the display on the front of the mirror cabinet. Further digital controls and display interfaces are integrated into other surfaces, enabling you to adjust your lighting and music conveniently to suit your mood.

Small in size, big on design

Not sure if the Small Size Premium Spa is for you – or even whether it will fit into your bathroom? You don’t need to worry about the look or the size: The concept can be adapted to suit your style and fit your space. The Sieger Design studio has developed the basic idea into an eight-square-metre SSPS Suite for a number of hotels; the SSPS Apartment is designed to fit into a 35-square-metre apartment. The designers partnered with premium manufacturer Dornbracht to bring the innovative architecture concept to life, and the manufacturer has already included the product in its LifeSpa catalogue.

As a member of the Connected Comfort association, which also includes Gira, Dornbracht has not only added the Small Size Premium Spa to its brochures, but also showcases the product at trade fairs and industry events.

With its cutting-edge features and intelligent architecture, the Small Size Premium Spa proves that, when it comes to creating your own personal retreat in the smallest of bathrooms, there’s more to think about than design and décor alone – smart technology and layout are an essential part of the experience too. With urban living space still at a premium, the innovative bathroom concept is a pioneering new approach to making the most of the space in our modern homes.

Would you consider the Small Size Premium Spa when you upgrade your bathroom? Let us know in the comments!

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