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Small bathroom ideas: Create more with less

On average, how much time would you say you spend in your bathroom each day? In the average UK home, 4.4 square metres of space is allocated to the bathroom – the room we use daily for all our hygiene and styling needs. But comfort and convenience in the bathroom doesn’t just come down to size alone. The way you lay out and decorate your small bathroom can make a huge difference.

Think big: Use uniform design and light colours to create an illusion of space

In small bathrooms, a uniform, open design is the best way to create an inviting space. Large wall and floor tiles make the room look neater, while long wall tiles positioned on their ends add the illusion of height. A light colour scheme combined with white walls will open up the room and reflect light. If you prefer a more colourful look, opt for natural pastels.

Subtle colour palettes or combinations of various shades of grey will create a peaceful and serene atmosphere in your bathroom.

Less is more in smaller bathrooms

If you’re decorating a small bathroom, don’t be tempted to go all out with an experimental mix of materials. The room will look more inviting if you use sustainable materials such as stone and wood. Light-coloured marble surfaces are always a good choice if you want to add a touch of sophistication to your small bathroom.

To create a calming and relaxing atmosphere, you need to be able to keep your bathroom tidy – and this can be a challenge when space is limited. Ideally, hair dryers, scales and skin care products should all be stored out of sight in cupboards. Boxes and baskets are ideal for jewellery and smaller bathroom essentials. Towel rails, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders can be affixed to the wall using special adhesive strips or suction cups.

Small Bathroom Ideas
Beautiful grey Bathroom designed with natural stones
Designer sockets and switches can be in the same frame from Gira.

Use mirrors and functional furniture

The easiest way to make small rooms look and feel bigger is to add mirrors. If you hang them in the right places, you can make your bathroom look much bigger than it actually is. A mirror-fronted cabinet above the sink provides extra storage, lighting and of course a useful mirror. When designing a small bathroom, a good rule of thumb is to choose functional furniture with as much storage space as possible. Modern pharmacy cabinets are a great place to hide away all of your bathroom products, and custom-made furniture allows you to make the best use of every inch of space. Fit narrow wall-mounted cabinets or shelving on the wall behind the door or in the space between the bath, toilet and sink.

Make sure you opt for water-resistant materials that won’t be damaged by steam.

Shower or space-saving tub: More comfort in less space

Fully tiled floor-level showers are the perfect choice for small bathrooms – they work best when sectioned off with a glass partition rather than an opaque shower curtain. But if you absolutely have to have a bath tub, a space-saving or sitting model might be your best option. These tubs are deep, but just 150 centimetres long. Rather than a traditional sink, a modern wash stand with cabinets and a small sink on top is a great idea for small bathrooms.

The Gira E3 is implemented in a elegant bathroom

Small bathroom ideas: Use false walls

In many homes, outdated fixtures and fittings take up a lot of the available space in the bathroom. With a lightweight false wall installation, you can rearrange your shower, sink and toilet without any major building work. Professional plumbers can install new water and drainage pipes along the wall, and will then encase the new system in plasterboard. The plasterboard casing stops halfway up the wall, creating a handy extra surface on which you can store your toiletries. The traditional ribbed radiator design is not ideal for small bathrooms, as it protrudes into the space. Heated towel rails are a much better option, as their narrow and flat design enables you to install them in the tightest corners.

Let there be light

In small bathrooms, the right lighting can make a big difference.

The human eye is programmed to ignore dark and shadowy spaces, which makes your room look smaller. To counteract this effect, illuminate these areas with indirect light. All rooms look more inviting and spacious when they are flooded with natural light. For privacy in your small bathroom, opt for a solution that allows you to expose the entire window surface during the day – such as electronic blinds or shutters. If you don’t have a window, multiple warm-white spotlights will create a welcoming light in your bathroom. Lights can also be embedded into the floor to draw the gaze to focal points in the room.

Having a small bathroom to work with doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on comfort and style. With just a little bit of planning and our small bathroom design ideas, you can transform the smallest of bathroom spaces into a luxurious mini spa.

Have you got any tips for making the most of small spaces? Tell us how you’ve designed and decorated your small bathroom!

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