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Simple Smart Lighting with ZigBee® Light Link


As more and more smart lighting products enter the market, uniform standards, compatibility, stability and security become more important. The ZigBee® Light Link provides a universal interface using wireless data transfer for lighting control. This enables you to conveniently control and programme your networked lighting and its different settings. Besides this extra living comfort, ZigBee® comes with several other nicely convenient perks. We’ve checked them out for you.

Your own efficient lighting network

With ZigBee® Light Link, the lights in your home are embedded in a network, which can be operated using one or more devices. In contrast to other transmission technologies such as WLAN or Bluetooth, ZigBee® only transfers a minimal amount of data.

This reduces energy consumption, but also ensures a long-lasting and maintenance-free service! Now, you no longer need to rely exclusively on your smartphone or PC for wireless control of your lighting system.

Innovative light control with ZigBee® Light Link

At this year’s Light+Building trade fair in Frankfurt am Main, Gira presented, amongst others, its innovative smart lighting management systems. Several ZigBee®-based systems combined with Philips Hue can be integrated into the Gira light switch system. In this way, all functionalities of ZigBee®-compatible lighting can be controlled using user-friendly wall-mounted or handheld devices. Whether individual lights or pre-defined groups of lights – you can turn them on and off, dim them, change their colour or warmth, or select atmospheric lighting scenarios.

With ZigBee® Light Link, managing your lighting becomes easy:

Source: YouTube / Gira

Wireless control of your smart lighting system

Gira Systems 55 wireless wall-mounted devices can be installed where ever you want. Use the ZigBee® Light Link handheld remote control to install your smart lighting system and configurate the lights for additional wall-mounted or handheld devices. The benefit of the handheld device is, of course, that even when your smartphone’s battery is empty again, you can conveniently control your lights while sitting on the couch watching your favourite sitcoms.

However you chose to operate your smart lighting system – with your smartphone, PC, or Gira’s innovative wall-mounted or handheld devices – the universal standard of ZigBee simplifies the configuration and optimization for comfortable light management in your home.

Are you looking for intelligent lighting management for your Smart Home? Or do you already have a wireless system in place?

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