She shed ideas: how to create your personal oasis at home

Men have been turning basements into craft rooms and garages into workshops for decades. But what about women? As Virginia Woolf once wrote, every woman needs “a room of one’s own” just as well. In this spirit, it’s about time that we introduce the female equivalent to the “man cave” – a designated place where you can wind down, relax, find new inspiration, or even plan your next career move.

From cute cabin to creative hub: What exactly is a “she shed”?

Typically, she sheds are built out of small shacks or cabins in the garden. They serve as a private retreat, furnished with lots of love and attention to detail. The idea of a “she shed” first came up in the US as a counterpart to the so-called “man cave.” By now, this idea has become a popular trend not only in America, but also many other countries worldwide.

The idea of a “she shed” first came up in the US as a counterpart to the so-called “man cave.” By now, this idea has become a popular trend not only in America, but also many other countries worldwide. Reading room, home office, workshop, gym, wellness spa: There are countless possibilities to make the most of your garden refuge. On Instagram and Pinterest, you will find a plethora of decorating ideas – from rustic she shed interiors to quirky tea houses and minimalist meditation rooms. The list even extends to fully equippied micro houses: By way of example, Cabin One offers tiny yet fully self-sufficient abodes, including a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bedroom area.

black tiny house
tiny house with bed under the roof
Cabin One with floor-to-ceiling windows
dining and living room with plenty of seating options
small modern kitchen in tiny house

What do you need to set up a she shed?

Basically, all you need for a she shed is a small hut in your garden: An old, upcycled shack will do the trick as much as a little prefab from the DIY shop or a custom-built.

If possible, choose a property with a big window facade. Blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, it will make you feel as if you sat right in your garden.

garden shed used as a she shed
garden shed used as a she shed
garden shed used as a she shed
garden shed used as a she shed

Points of Connection: Ideas for power and wifi inside small she sheds

  • Electricity: With the help of underground cables, you may easily connect your she shed to the main power supply of your home. Provided that the interior meets all necessary requirements, you can install regular socket outlets just like in any other house. The Gira design lines offer plenty of options to match your idea of the perfect she shed interior. In addition, we recommend installing a Gira USP power supply to charge your smartphone or tablet.
  • Internet: With a high-performance wireless router, connecting to wifi should not be an issue. Make sure to place the router towards the garden. In case the reception is too weak, try using a repeater. If the main house turns out to be too far removed from your she shed, it’s a good idea to lay a LAN cable through the garden. This way, you will have a reliable connection at any time.
  • Heating: To keep your refuge warm and cosy during the winter, you can purchase a small electric heater. Although the running costs are relatively expensive, this is certainly the most practical option. Plus, electric heaters come in various stylish designs, such as the model Eve by Tubes. If you are looking for ideas to heat your she shed in a sustainable way, we recommend trying a pellet stove or a solar heater.

Gira USB power supply

Designed with two slots for USB A and USB C, the Gira USB power supply allows you to charge two devices at the same time.

No charging adapter at hand? Just use the Gira USB power supply A&C for your devices. Source: Gira

Chic, cosy, cool: Decorating ideas for your she shed inside

Once the basic equipment is all set, the fun part begins: Now it’s time to let your creativity run wild! Always remember: There are no rules.

Choose whatever suits your own taste, and not anyone else’s. Shabby chic, bohemian, country-style, minimalist – anything goes.

dining and living room in minimalistic Scandinavian design
  • Furniture & accessories: Take your time to carefully select each piece for your she shed interior. Given the rather limited space, you want to use every nook of the room as efficently as possible. A cute armchair along with a side table will surely fit in somewhere – perhaps even a little sofa? A pretty rug, matching curtains, and lots of cushions and blankets add that extra touch of cosiness. Finally, some pot plants or fresh flowers and a mirror on the wall will make you feel right at home.
  • Relaxation and smart comfort: Whether you can truly relax also depends on the lighting conditions. Try to avoid bright lights and use floor or desk lamps with warm colour temperatures. Light chains equally help to set the mood. Using smart lighting control, you can easily adjust the brightness according to your daily routines – from productive work sessions to laid-back evenings.
  • Fuel for body and soul: You can’t function without your daily dose of caffeine? In that case, make sure to have a small coffee maker and a few cups on hand. Another good idea for your she shed: Get an extra water kettle and a mini-fridge for snacks and beverages. After all, you don’t want to walk the whole way to your kitchen whenever you need a little pick-me-up!
  • Entertainment and quality time: A small book shelf on the wall not only looks cute, but also ensures that you always have some interesting reads at hand. To turn on the right backround music, all you need is a smart sound system: „Alexa, start my favourite playlist!“ Thanks to integrated voice control, Alexa will instantly know what to do.


RF-based, future-oriented, retrofittable: The Gira eNet SMART HOME system offers various options to control your technology.

With Gira voice control, your she shed can easily be turned into a Smart Home. Source: Gira

Whether you want to take some time off, pursue a new hobby, or brainstorm for new ideas at work: A she shed is your place to be.

Here, you can do whatever, whenever – and leave your worries at the doorstep.

What’s on your must-have list for the perfect she shed? We look forward to your comments.

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