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Setting up a Smart Home: how your house becomes intelligent

Smart Home tech is more than just a trend. With demand rising all over the world, implementing such technology in your home is has never been simpler. Since most people don’t want to build a new house from scratch just to set up a Smart Home

and then fit it with a hardwired KNX system. That's why there are other options. For example, older buildings and rented properties can greatly benefit from wireless RF solutions. If you want to retrofit a Smart Home (easily), then take a look at the following.

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Set up a Smart Home with wireless RF solutions: What are they, exactly?

One of the most user-friendly ways to set up a Smart Home is probably through wireless RF. Basically, you don’t have to rip open the walls or do much reconfiguration of wiring. Instead, you simply link your smart devices together through a wireless radio signal. From then on, you control them via Bluetooth, wifi or your mobile Internet connection. Wireless systems are also quite practical when you decide to move. Since components don’t need to be permanently installed, your devices can be taken with you when you go.


Even small solutions provide huge gains in comfort

The costs of wireless devices have fallen significantly in recent years. Their range of application has also been increasing. It’s now possible to network almost all areas of your home via wireless connection. For example, you can control lighting, music, heating systems and even electronic blinds by using central control units. Most people, however, prefer to control them through their smartphone.

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Popular Smart Home solutions don’t just include the likes of Bluetooth speakers and smart TVs. Intelligent lighting control is also gaining ground. Smart lights such as Philips Hue lamps let you switch and dim single or multiple light sources straight from the sofa. Even something a little more complex such as socket outlets don’t take long to retrofit. These can measure the power consumption of your connected electrical appliances and can be activated or deactivated remotely. This is perfect for easy energy management.


From old to smart: Retrofitting for greater safety and energy efficiency

Practical wireless solutions are even available for intelligent heating control systems, which naturally means a huge potential for savings. For example, connected thermostats like those from tado° let you turn even old, standard radiators into smart heaters. You can program specific times for them to switch on and regulate the temperature of each room, all via app.

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These days, home security has also ripe for smart updates. Wireless smoke detectors ensure an extra level of safety, for example. You can even monitor who comes to your front door thanks to with Gira System 106. The best part? You don’t even have to be home to do it. Using the

DCS mobile app, you can talk with your visitors and even let them (if you want).

Controlling and monitoring your home’s technical devices is incredibly convenient. It can, however, get cumbersome if you don’t have a uniform control platform.

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Gira eNet SMART HOME: A system for intelligent Smart Home control

Almost every supplier of Smart Home automation or consumer electronics has their own Smart Home solutions in their product range. Sometimes, this can mean installing an app for every smart device which is something you’d probably want to avoid. That’s why it makes sense to choose an open source system from the beginning. If you’ve got products from different providers, it makes things a lot easier if they can be supported through a central platform. For example, the Gira eNet smart home wireless system has joined forces with several different established partner brands. This way, you can conveniently control

individual applications such as lighting, heating and blind control. Even security and entertainment tech can be steered with the central eNet Smart Home app.

Professional support to set up a Smart Home

Yes, anyone who wants to set up a Smart Home these days will find it easier. However, anyone seriously considering it would do well to consult a specialist. Not only can this give you a little extra peace of mind, but you can also avail of expert tips that you might not discover on your own. For example, implementing energy efficient heating and lighting solutions may make you eligible for certain grants like the Green Deal.

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Other important information Smart Home experts can provide you with is the current security standards for wireless networking. Any professional Smart Home provider will continually update the software for their devices and systems to ensure that your data and privacy are always protected. However, it is definitely a good idea to get an overview from an expert so you know what to expect, especially if this isn’t your field of expertise.

Retrofitting Smart Home solutions is much easier than it’s ever been. Of course, you may still want more information before you start going about


it. If you still want more, make sure to take a look at for practical advice, solutions and inspirations.

Yes, there is indeed a lot less hassle when it comes to retrofitting a Smart Home. Even so, it can never hurt to get advice from experts. Maybe you’d like to book a consultation, or perhaps just browse through a few tips, instructions and inspirations and solutions for your home? For these, feel free to take a look at

Interested in (easily) retrofitting a Smart Home? Or have you already done it? Let us know in the comments!

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