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Graven Hill: An innovative new space for self-build plots

If you’ve ever considered building your own home, you’ll understand how expensive, time-consuming and stressful the process can be. But an innovative new housing community in Oxfordshire, England has come up with a practical solution to support home builders through these challenges. As a home builder at Graven Hill, there is no need to compromise: You can benefit from the convenience of the custom design and finish you get when building your own home from scratch.

Graven Hill comes with a full package of support for self-build plots

Graven Hill – a pioneering residential building project initiated by Cherwell District Council – redefines what it means to build your own home. In the town of Bicester, just outside Oxford, the 188-hectare site will see the construction of up to 1900 homes over the course of the next ten years.

Surrounded by open green space, allotments and woodland, the self-build plots are available in a range of different shapes and sizes.

And if you want to build your own home here completely from scratch, you can call on the support of a team of architects, planners and construction companies recruited to assist novice builders throughout the process. If you aren’t keen on planning and coordinating the building process yourself, you can opt for a fully customisable new build by Danwood instead.

Images from the Graven Hill community. Source: Graven Hill / YouTube

A modular prefabricated home designed for your individual requirements

Danwood is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of modular, prefabricated homes. The buildings – which come with a fixed-price guarantee – can be adapted to suit your individual needs and budget. Working with a Danwood architect, you decide on the style and design of your home.

At every stage of the build – from planning and construction to interior design – the manufacturer liaises with you and manages the process. Generally, the basic structure of a Danwood home is wind- and water-tight within a week. Around six weeks after commencement of the build, your new dream home is ready for you to move in.

Modern Apartments in Graven Hill
Smart Home in Graven Hill.
Bedroom in one of the houses in Graven Hill.

Cost-effective building, efficient and comfortable living

Alongside the options of self-build plots and custom new-build homes, you can also opt for a pre-constructed, ready-made home. The standard homes by Danwood include bungalows and one-and-a-half and two-storey homes, all of which meet the UK’s highest quality and energy standards.

All homes at Graven Hill can also be kitted out with Smart Home technology. With options for energy management, security and entertainment as well as lighting, blinds and heating control, the Smart Home solutions for the residents of this community are as individual as the homes themselves.

Gira in Graven Hill: First show home opens with Smart Home technology

The first modular show home to open its doors at Graven Hill allows potential future residents to explore the quality and diverse range of construction and design options on offer.

The three-bedroom Danwood home is kitted out with Smart Home solutions by Gira. It provides ample contemporary design inspiration for those interested in making Graven Hill their home, enabling potential future builders to see how the high-quality Gira Standard 55 design line complements a minimalist interior, and how the wide range of frame options in Gira Esprit glass add a touch of elegance to the walls.

The environmentally friendly, nature-inspired Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood design line used inside the show home will surely appeal to those looking to combine a close-to-nature lifestyle with natural materials.

In Graven Hill are the smart switches from Gira used.
Gira Esprit switch
Graven Hill with Gira sockets.

An urban home at the heart of nature

The preparation phase for the self-build plots started back in summer 2016. Since then, the first builders have already moved into their new homes. The community will have its own infrastructure to cater to all of its residents’ everyday needs – both for young, growing families and for older people who want to spend their retirement in a lively, idyllic environment.

Over the next few years, Graven Hill could become a pioneering blueprint project that carves out a new path in residential construction. With the custom new-build approach and comprehensive professional advice available at Graven Hill, the only limits to realising your dream home are your imagination.

What is your vision for your dream home and what are your absolute must-haves? Check out the Gira Design Configurator for even more design and technology inspiration.

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