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Smart robotic furniture for the home: Ori Living systems

If you live in a small apartment, you’ll understand just how important it is to make the best use of the space you have. Imagine being able to move furniture out into your space when you need it – and then make it disappear again at the touch of a button. This futuristic-sounding vision is exactly what the robotic systems produced by US manufacturer Ori are designed to achieve: They can hide away furniture that you don’t need 24/7 so that you can free up valuable living space. The smart robotic furniture is the brainchild of developer Hasier Larrea, who collaborated with students at MIT and industrial designer Yves Béhar to create the concept.

Ori robotic furniture: The perfect solution for tiny houses and small apartments?

In an age of increasing urbanisation and single-person households, living space in cities is becoming increasingly scarce – which, in turn, is pushing up the value and driving up the cost of this space.

As a result of this trend, architects are designing new apartments with a smaller footprint. In these mini living spaces, it can be difficult to store everything you need while still managing to keep your home looking tidy and welcoming.

It’s all about the details: Functionality and design combined

As everyone uses their apartment space differently, Ori’s robotic furniture solutions have been designed to be multifunctional to help you create your own smart storage solutions. The “Pocket Closet”, for example, is a rail-mounted wardrobe that extends out into the room when you press the button, dividing itself into a two-part unit. The two-metre tall wardrobe has storage space on all sides, enabling you to hide away belongings that you don’t want to show off. When extended, the unit acts as a walk-in closet. At 1.5 metres wide, the wardrobe modules are easy to use and access.

The Pocket Closet wardrobe is a great example of functional design. Quelle: Vimeo/ Ori

The “Studio Suite” from Ori Living takes the concept one step further, offering not only all the functionality of the Pocket Closet but also a number of additional modules, such as a bed stored under the storage unit, various shelves and hooks for clothing, and surfaces that can be pulled out to form a desk.

The Suite also boasts an integrated recess for multimedia systems, with three socket outlets and two USB ports for your TV, audio systems, smartphone or PC.

Both systems are constructed in plywood and finished with high-quality Italian laminate surfaces in white, dark or light wood.

Discover the flexible “Studio Suite”. Quelle: Vimeo/ Ori

Ori Cloud Bed – an automated stowaway bed in high-quality wood

One of Ori’s smartest and most elegant solutions is the “Cloud Bed”, a modern reinterpretation of the classic stowaway bed that was first popularised in the 1970s. The system – manufactured in on-trend light wood – combines a double bed, a sofa, bedside tables and a coffee table in a single robotic unit.

During the night, the bed conceals the sofa and coffee table. In the morning, the bed can be raised at the touch of a button; an attractive rail system conveys the wooden frame upwards to the ceiling and out of the way. The design is ideal for small spaces with high ceilings.

Ori Living produces robotic furniture.
Robotic furniture are very flexible.
A confortable robotic furniture - the bed from Ori.

The key functions of the Ori furniture system

All of the Ori system functions can be controlled from a panel on the furniture itself, via the company’s app or even via voice control systems such as Alexa. The robotic units are also equipped with a special safety feature: If they detect a person in their path when extending out into the room, they automatically stop moving. The Cloud Bed has sensors to check that its night-time occupants have actually made it out of bed before it slides up to the ceiling. If the power goes off, the furniture can also be operated manually.

Students, single-person households and couples in smaller apartments often struggle with the challenges that small living spaces bring. Multi-modular furniture is a modern solution to this modern problem: It is designed not only to solve the challenges associated with a lack of storage space, but also to look great in a contemporary interior. And even better: These designs are packed with the latest in automation and robotic technology.

How do you feel about robotic furniture? Could these kinds of systems be an alternative to conventional furniture for small living spaces?

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