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Teaching an old dog new tricks: House renovated with intelligent technology

After a long search for their new home, the couple who now live in this property fell in love with the plot and its convenient location, near a town and yet surrounded by nature. The fact that the 1951 building already occupying the site needed a full scheme of renovations didn’t put the couple off. In fact, they viewed it as an opportunity: A comprehensive renovation would give them the chance to turn the property into a modern and future-proof home.

An old home gets a new look

With a design characterised by clear lines and a futuristic façade, Wuppertal-based architects and designers Ueberholz gave the old building a fresh new look.

Details such as gutters, downpipes and the roof edge were concealed behind dark Alucobond cladding. The new triple-glazed windows – all the same size and height – emphasise the clear symmetry of the house.

The 260-square-metre interior was completely gutted as part of the renovation project, allowing the owners to change the room layout in the ground-level living space. With indirect LED lighting on the walls, light wooden flooring and white dominating the colour scheme, the ground floor has a calming and minimalist feel.

smart home, bergisches Land house

Renovations with KNX: New levels of comfort and convenience

In addition to all of these personal touches, the owners of the property modernised their future home with everyday comfort and security in mind. The best solution for their requirements was to install smart building technology based on the KNX system.

Relax in the spa bathroom or take time out in the high-tech bar

The bathroom breaks away from the white colour scheme of the rest of the house, with large, dark tiles dominating the decor. In this room, the adjustable coloured lighting can be used to set the mood, while the rain shower – with pressure less head and body jets – adds to the spa experience.

The owners of the home also enjoy spending time on the floor below, where a newly constructed basement houses a large gym and sports bar; the football fans in the household regularly enjoy watching matches with friends in this space. The large flat-screen TV, powerful sound system and bar decorated in club colours help to recreate the live stadium experience at home.

When renewing the property’s electrics, water pipes and heating system, the owners also laid the cables for a KNX system. Now, all of the data generated by the networked technology is routed via the Gira HomeServer, enabling the residents to control all components and functions remotely and with maximum convenience.

Home while away: Connected via app

The couple uses the Gira HomeServer app to keep an eye on their property while they aren’t at home, and can use their smartphones to check that all windows, doors and shutters are closed. If the alarm system is activated, the technology sends a notification to the owner’s smart device if any incident or unusual event is detected – for example, if the window contacts are opened, suggesting an attempted break-in. The owners are also kept informed of any fault messages generated by the heating system and receive updates from their Gira room actuators. Images recorded by the security cameras can be viewed from a mobile phone, enabling the owners to check their property and respond accordingly at any time.

smart home, reference bergisches Land
smart home, reference bergische Land

Intelligent wall switches combine aesthetics and performance

In addition to individual functions for lighting and blind control, the property owners can also use their Gira pushbutton sensors to activate complex scenes such as the “central off” command. This action switches all of the home’s technology into an energy-saving standby mode. When deciding on their intelligent wall switches, the owners opted to install products from a number of different design lines: Alongside Gira Esprit in glass white and aluminium brown, the softer lines of the Gira E3 design line with soft-touch surfaces complement the minimalist design of the living space. In the basement, the robust outdoor line Gira TX 44 provides intuitive fingertip controls.

Smart Home control made easy

The central touch-screen PC in the hall simplifies the programming and control of the home’s smart technology. Via the Gira Control 19, the residents can configure all system settings and control the individual components of their cutting-edge technology. In addition to the individual function options, the display also shows consumption data and the latest information from the Gira weather station. The Gira door communication system with video function provides an additional level of security. Via the Control 19 Client on the ground floor, the property owners can see who is at the door and open it at the touch of a button. From the basement, they can opt to open the door via the Gira home station – so that guests can come straight down to the sports bar.

smart home, referance Bergisches Land
smart home, reference bergisches Land
smart home, refernce bergisches land

Entertainment beyond football

The entertainment technology is also integrated into the home’s network via a KNX gateway. The Revox multi-user system enables registered users to play their favourite tunes from different audio sources and continue the music as they move from room to room. In the basement and gym, the audio system is linked to the TV.

If a guest needs to go to the bathroom or kitchen during a live match, they can take the sound with them – so no-one misses that crucial goal.

After their extensive renovation project, the owners of the house have created something that rivals – and even surpasses – many new builds. With its modern design and intelligent KNX technology, the old house in Bergisches Land is now fully equipped for the future.

Would you have expected it to be possible to transform an old house into a truly intelligent Smart Home? Tell us what you like best about this Smart Home in Bergisches Land.

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