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Ramy Fischler: Maison & Objet names Designer of the Year 2018

For Ramy Fischler – a Belgian designer and honorary Parisian who has called the city home since 1998 – design has always had to be one thing above all else: useful. This unusual perspective sets the designer apart from his colleagues, who often prefer to focus on the formal aspects of space and product design. A product or room that is aesthetically pleasing or unusual but that brings no tangible benefit is, from Fischler’s perspective, useful neither to individuals nor to society at large. French furniture and interior design show Maison Objet Paris has named Ramy Fischler as its Designer of the Year for 2018.

Milestones of a creative career

Ramy Fischler chose Paris as his professional base, having studied at the city’s “ École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle ENSCI-Les Ateliers” industrial design school until 2004.

In 2001, he joined the agency of French designer Patrick Jouin, forming a fledgling partnership that would last almost ten years. He analyses styles from different eras, experiments with design ideas and brings concepts to life in culture and gastronomy, adopting a deliberately eclectic style.

In 2010, Fischler was awarded the “Prix de Rome art prize from the French Academy” for his work at the Villa Medici in Rome. In Italy, Ramy Fischler analysed the impact of historical sites on visitors and investigated the effects of rooms and furnishings on people across the centuries.

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Founding of RF Studio design agency

In this period, Fischler became fascinated by the link between history, spaces and furniture and started to question the point of design – in relation to both rooms and objects – more intensely. The logical conclusion of his discoveries was the founding of his own agency, RF Studio, in 2011. Shortly afterwards, Fischler accepted his first major commission to design the interior of a private home in Paris. This was followed up with contracts to design the French headquarters of Twitter, a Hermès parfumerie and “Refettorio”, a shared kitchen for disadvantaged people in Paris.

Smart designs for smart living

One of the stand-out features of Ramy Fischler’s designs is his unbounded enthusiasm for and open attitude towards new developments in society, technology or the economy.

According to Fischler, this is the only way to create products that add value for society. This philosophy is embodied in two of his most well-known designs:

Aura – the smart light and alarm clock

Back in 2014, RF Studio developed Aura: A smart light and alarm clock with a sound system for Withings (Nokia). Aura uses modern technology to create the perfect sleeping environment, with intelligent light control to start and end your day, an app to program the alarm clock and technology to analyse temperature, light and noise data.

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NU! fridge to reduce packaging waste

Another product designed with its finger on the pulse of modern society is the smart NU! fridge, which was created as a zero-waste lunchtime solution especially for office environments. From their smartphones, employees can select a fresh dish – prepared by a local partner – via an app, and then take their chosen product from the NU! fridge. All of the food is packaged in environmentally friendly multiple-use containers, which can be placed back into the drawers beneath the fridge after use: A simple and easy way to reduce waste and help the environment in the workplace.

Ramy Fischler: A visionary prize winner

Ramy Fischler has been lauded as a designer for the present and for the future – someone whose work embodies, reflects and guides social change. At Maison & Objet, Fischler is keen to highlight the diversity of his projects to help visitors understand his visionary approach.

To understand Ramy Fischler’s products, you need to get to grips with the philosophy that drove their creation. The best way to do that is to take a leaf out of the designer’s book: By adopting a stance of almost child-like curiosity for furniture and interior design, and by being passionate about solutions that are attractive and that benefit society.

The Twitter headquarters were designed by Ramy Fischler
Ramy Fischler style is known to be very unique and elegant
The Twitter headquarters were designed by Ramy Fischler
Ramy Fischler work at the historic Villa Medici in Rome won him an award
Ramy Fischler work at the historic Villa Medici in Rome won him an award

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