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Plug & Light: Simple and smart light design for your home

At this year’s Light + Building, the world’s best trade fair for light and building technology, the company Insta presented the lighting sector innovation: Plug & Light. Plug & Light is a light socket outlet that unifies light control and power supply. This innovation makes indoor lighting smart: it can be easily and conveniently operated to set attractive lighting accents that suit every interior.

From reading light to light effects

With Plug & Light, only the light socket outlet is fixed, meaning that various lighting scenarios can be created in a simple and flexible manner.

The various light inserts can be applied using a magnetic system and are smoothly rotatable through to 360°. The modular system enables the user to easily adjust to new situations and needs, even after the system installation is complete. The type of light and lamp design can be changed any time. With one twist, a spot can be turned into a reading light or indirect evening lighting. With the flick of a hand, a spot illuminating the kitchen countertop can be turned 180° to create atmospheric lighting for an intimate dinner. And a bright conference room in a hotel can be turned into an inviting room for an end-of-year celebration in the evening, simply by changing the light inserts.

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Atmospheric light accents for every room

Every Plug & Light light insert works with LED lights and is flicker-free. They can be dimmed to any colour temperature – from a cool light to an atmospheric “warm dim”. By using the LED floodlight or LED spotlight inserts, Plug & Light can easily accommodate personal preferences and requirements. With the design lines of Gira and the new lighting series by Brumberg, the possibility to meet a wide range of style preferences has been made easier.

Attractive design lines for Plug & Light

Insta, the subsidiary of Gira, will soon launch Plug & Light onto the market with the light inserts floodlight, spot, pendant luminaire, and light machine. Because the system is compatible with any common European switch box, it can be combined with every one of Gira’s design lines. This way, you can create a perfectly coordinated interior style. The attractive designs available are a true eye-catcher on every wall, and match your personal taste and style.

Gira integrated Plug & Light in the design line Gira System 55 and presents, amongst others, the following design lines for the light socket, floodlight, and spot:

  • Gira E2 in a minimalistic design
  • Gira Espritwith an exceptionally great variety in material choice
  • Gira Studio in an elegant black and white design

Besides this, Brumberg, specialist in high-end lighting solutions and lighting concepts, developed the following five decorative designs for the light socket outlet system:

  • Saloon
  • MiniQU
  • Double
  • Walled
  • Gramo

Plug & Light: An innovative system for more flexibilityt

With Plug & Light, interior light design becomes smart and lighting control simple and convenient. Lighting concepts can be easily and flexibility implemented – always fitting individual needs and expectations.

After a successful presentation at Light + Building 2018, Gira Plug & Light will soon become available.

How would you like to use a system like Plug & Light? Exchange ideas with other readers in the comments section.

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