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Greenframe: The plant room divider

The silhouette of the Greenframe looks like a large, wooden window with views onto a luscious garden of foliage – but it’s not a window at all. In fact, it’s a piece of furniture designed to provide up to three house plants with the most luxurious of accommodation. The unit – which can be used as a room divider or just as an interior accessory – is illuminated with glare-free LEDs integrated into the minimalist wooden frame, providing plants with the light they need to thrive even in dark rooms.

Greenframe brings light into dark spaces

It’s no coincidence that Greenframe was developed by Scandinavian designers, in this case Kauppi & Kauppi. In the Nordic countries, daylight is limited to just a few hours a day in the winter months – and that doesn’t make for happy house plants.

The wooden frame created for Swedish acoustic design studio Glimakra provides a solution: The top part of the frame contains a concealed strip of LEDs to provide sufficient light for up to three plants.

A simple design with a huge impact

The 140 x 130 x 82-centimetre Greenframe plant room divider can accommodate plants large and small – from tropical orchids to exotic cacti. The plants are placed on three saucers integrated into the bottom part of the frame. Yet another benefit of the product, which recently won a German Design Award, is that the leaves of the plants placed within the frame help to diffuse sound, reducing noise in the room. The effect works in any type of space, from large and lively living spaces to bustling open-plan offices.

Illuminated wooden frame surrounded by plants.
Illuminated wooded frame with plants inside.
Cacti inside a wooden frame.

Greenframe: An all-in-one design piece, room divider and lamp

The versatile wooden frame can be used in open-plan living spaces as a room divider or as a piece of design furniture in its own right. And it also allows you to enjoy the feeling of looking out of a window, even if the room offers no views of the outside world – which is a huge benefit in spaces that don’t have windows. Whether you’re using the Greenframe to divide a large room or as a source of illumination, this versatile piece will transform your space.

Greenframe – part of the Limbus floor system

Greenframe is part of the Limbus floor system by Swedish firm Glimarka, which specialises in acoustic furniture design. The floor-standing 40-millimetre thick polyether modules from the Limbus system are designed to absorb acoustic vibrations and reduce noise. The Greenframe plant room divider is the perfect complement to the range.

Greenframe: High-tech with a tiny footprint

The Greenframe is designed not only to look the part, but also to minimise its impact on the environment: The frame is made entirely from recycled ash wood. To conceal the lighting assembly, the LEDs, power cables and adapter are tucked away into the frame. The system is supplied with electricity via a long power cable and turned on and off using a foot-operated switch. The frame itself is made of wood that is 82 x 40 mm thick; the feet raise the frame around 30 cm off the ground.

It’s a small frame that makes a huge impact: Greenframe brightens up even the darkest corners and provides your plants with the light they need to thrive, enabling you to inject new life into your urban jungle or add a touch of natural greenery to other interior styles.

We love Greenframe already! Would you like to house your plants in this green window?

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