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Your smartest summer ever

What’s the perfect recipe for a hassle-free summer? Sun, shade and an outdoor Smart Home that thinks with you. Although colourful designs are an uplifting addition to your home interior, nothing beats a day spent outside in the sun – and now you can take your intelligent technology with you. Whether you’re relaxing in the garden or sunbathing at the beach, your outdoor Smart Home is guaranteed to enhance your comfort, convenience and security.

Refreshingly simple: From home electronics to hammocks

From chilling ice lollies and soft drinks in the summer house and cooking lunch on the electric grill to more arduous tasks like mowing the lawn: Having power in your outdoor Smart Home is great, especially when it’s positioned exactly where you need it. To ensure that your guests aren’t left tripping over tangled cables the next time you host a barbecue, Gira energy profiles with three plug sockets not only provide concealed underground power, but also illuminate your garden on long summer evenings.

Even if there’s a storm or your lawn sprinkler waters the garden, your electrical system will be protected by the splash-resistant Gira TX_44 design line.

A smarter outlook – whatever the weather

While you enjoy some time in the shade on those super-hot summer days, your home can really heat up – unless the Gira KNX Weather Station in your Smart Home has already noted the forecast sun and high temperatures, and ensured that your home is kept in the shade by lowering the electronic blinds.

If there’s an unexpected storm or hail shower, the smart Gira KNX Weather Station can send the data it collects to actuators, which in turn act to retract awnings and close motor-operated window latches –

enabling your outdoor Smart Home not only to respond flexibly to sun and heat, but also to any unexpected changes in the weather.

smart home outdoor power socket
Gira KNX weather station

Round-the-clock security

Your Smart Home is very well-equipped to cope with whatever nature throws at it. But what happens if your patio window cracks or is smashed while you’re away on holiday? Even if there’s no noise at all, the Gira glass-breakage sensor immediately detects a problem and instructs the shutters to automatically lower – closing off any potential access points for burglars.

And your Smart Home has countless other tricks to keep unwanted intruders at bay, even when you leave for your well-earned summer holiday.

A worry-free holiday

When you’re packing your suitcase, nothing puts you in a holiday mood like the latest summer hits. With the wall-mounted Gira Radio, you can listen to the radio or – if you connect your device via the docking station or Bluetooth – your favourite smartphone playlist as you work.

While you’re loading your luggage into the car at dawn, the Gira motion detector Cube mounted in front of the garage uses a motion sensor to keep the area illuminated: Useful for you when you’ve got your hands full, and a great way to deter burglars while you’re away. If potential intruders approach your home in the dark, the Gira Sentinel 70 will light up the area to scare them off.

outdoor smart home radio control

Take your Smart Home with you: Full control via an app

Once you’re on the train to your destination, it’s generally too late to sit there wondering if you’ve closed your roof windows. Unless, that is, you’ve installed Gira X1 technology in your Smart Home – enabling you to use the Gira X1 app to monitor all aspects of your Smart Home within the KNX system, wherever you are. With just a few taps on the screen, you can adjust your connected light switches, blinds and window latches from the beach, or reprogram your devices via timers.

The HomeServer: Your personal house sitter

To keep everything running smoothly in your Smart Home while you’re away, you can give your Gira HomeServer, your Smart Home control centre, a few instructions to follow in your absence: The automatic sprinkler now knows when to water the lawn, or is programmed to water it based on weather forecasts from the connected weather station.

To simulate your presence, the smart TV automatically switches on in the evenings, and your external camera is ready to record images at any time. If the motion sensors detect even the smallest amount of movement, the cameras spring into action, streaming footage to your smartphone if necessary. With all of this technology at your fingertips, you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that everything is fine at home – and that your Smart Home will keep you up to date.

No matter what you have planned for this summer, if you make the most of your outdoor Smart Home capabilities, you’ll have more time to focus on what’s really important at this time of year: Relaxing and enjoying the sun.

We updated this article on 16.07.2019.

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How smart is your outdoor summer setup? Let us know how you plan to use technology to really switch off this summer.

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