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Gira TX_44: Versatile outdoor power socket for your garden

Whether you prefer contemporary elegance or retro chic, slimline square or tactile rounded models, or subtle and streamlined or unique and eye-catching designs: There is no shortage of attractive and functional switch design lines for you to choose from inside your home. So why not in the garden too? The IP 44 installation from Gira is a stylish weather- and UV-resistant design line that functions perfectly outdoors – as well as adding a touch of contemporary class to your patio.

Comfort and convenience in the garden

If you’re planning a barbecue with a playlist of your favourite tunes and atmospheric lighting for after dark, or even just working in the garden at the weekend, being able to take the latest technology outdoors with you makes life so much easier. But there are a few technical factors that you need to consider before powering up your devices outdoors. To enable you to use all your tools and devices in the garden, the splash-protected Gira TX_44 outdoor power socket is equipped with a reinforced frame and is made of robust shock-resistant and shatter-proof thermoplastic to protect it against moisture and cold.

Gira TX_44: The versatile outdoor electrical installation

The water-resistant and theft-proof flush-mounted design is ideal for use in damp rooms, in the garden, or on the patio or balcony.

With its minimalist aesthetic and pure white, anthracite or aluminium finish, the power socket also works beautifully indoors, bringing a touch of sophisticated, contemporary design to more functional spaces such as workshops, garages or the basement.

Expand your Smart Home into your garden

A reliable power supply is essential if you want to work on your garden or enjoy music or entertainment outdoors. But the TX_44 installation is much more than just an outdoor power socket. Like most of Gira’s design lines, the unit is also compatible with inserts from the modular Gira System 55. The standard 55 x 55 mm square frame opens up a world of possibilities, with over 300 functions to choose from – enabling you to create your own custom electrical installation.

In addition to automatic switches and touch sensors, you can also integrate KNX components for data and communication technology into your TX_44 installation, enabling you to create a flexible outdoor version of your Smart Home. You could also opt to install video and audio inserts from the Gira door communication system so that you don’t miss any visitors while you’re busy mowing the lawn.

The outdoor power socket TX_44 gives you power for mowing the lawn.
Perfect energie outside the house: The Gira TX_44 outdoor power socket.
The outdoor power socket TX_44 is a must have for a smart garden.

If you want to make the most of the sunshine without missing out on your electrical devices or essential garden tools, the Gira TX_44 is a functional and attractive way to power your garden.

If you do it right, it’s easy to take smart technology outdoors.

Do you already have outdoor power sockets? What modern technology do you use – for convenience or for entertainment – in your garden? Let us know in the comments!

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