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Outdoor cooking at its finest

We all know that the garden is the perfect place to switch off, rest and recuperate, play with the kids and socialise with friends – in fact, there aren’t many areas of life that aren’t enhanced when we take them outdoors. For years, the trend towards garden living has been gaining ground, and gardening and garden design has become a way of life. If you’re so inclined, you can even turn your garden into an outdoor version of your home, with living and dining areas, a shower and a relaxation zone. And now you can take outdoor living to new levels with the addition of a convenient outdoor kitchen.

A new garden trend: The outdoor kitchen

With life increasingly being played out in the outdoors, prestigious garden designer Michael Daldrup has added a new string to his bow by developing an outdoor kitchen.

His “Freiluftküche” open-air kitchen system, developed in partnership with stove fitter Oliver Neugebauer, is a modular outdoor kitchen offering much more than the simple grill and functional work surface that has been the traditional interpretation of a garden cooking space.

Instead, the “Freiluftküche” is based on our enduring love affair with the barbecue, which has fuelled the development of ever more versatile and larger outdoor grilling appliances. However, in spite of the high-tech nature of the latest products, the barbecue remains a format in which we cook outside but prepare most of the food inside. The “Freiluftküche” aims to change this by providing a fully fledged kitchen space with running water, storage, a work surface and – most importantly of all – an open fire. This fire not only heats the high-quality integrated ceramic grill, but also opens up other cooking options and supplies heat, making the kitchen a homely and cosy place to relax even on cooler evenings.

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Modular outdoor kitchen system

The Freiluftküche was developed over a period of around three years after both Michael Daldrup and Oliver Neugebauer realised that the solutions already on the market could not meet their customers’ requirements for a high-quality, functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor kitchen.“We turn gardens into living spaces where people feel at home. Increasingly, part of creating this feeling is cooking your favourite dishes outside and enjoying them in the garden with your favourite people”, says Michael Daldrup.

His outdoor kitchen is designed just like a conventional built-in kitchen, with modules that can be configured to suit the customer’s space and needs. As interest in outdoor kitchens continues to grow, the integration of the kitchen into the overall garden concept remains critical for Daldrup: “The kitchen cannot be just placed haphazardly anywhere in the garden; it needs to become an integrated design feature”.

New levels of form & function

Winner of the German Design Award 2017

In March this year, the outdoor kitchen won the “Excellent Product Design Gardening” category of the prestigious German Design Award. The jury commented that “The Freiluftküche is beautifully designed with a straight linear aesthetic and balanced proportions. The open fire is the perfect addition to complete the exclusive outdoor kitchen”.

Light and power in the garden

If you want to illuminate your new outdoor space and power electronic devices in your garden, Gira energy profiles are the perfect solution.

The profiles come with three power outlets and a lighting element to provide energy wherever you need it – whether on the patio or elsewhere in the garden. Gira light and energy profiles are water-resistant and equipped with anti-theft technology. The housing is made from strong, weather-resistant aluminium with a dirt-resistant, anti-scratch surface that is easy to keep looking like new. They can be installed on either hard or soft ground, enabling you to use all of your electrical appliances – from lawnmowers and pond pumps to laptops and phone chargers – in your garden, without needing to run extension cables from inside your home.

With all of this technology in the garden, we can’t wait to enjoy summer outdoors. What do you think of the modular outdoor kitchen concept?

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