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Homey outdoor furniture for the new garden season

The imm cologne 2018 featured trends for the new season – not only for inside your home but also for outside. Many furniture producers showcased how to transform your garden or terrace into another living area with their new outdoor furniture and collections. With these five outdoor designs, you are all set to create a cosy atmosphere in your garden.

Kettal’s Net collection: Naturally comfortable

With the outdoor furniture of the Net Collection, the well-established Spanish brand Kettal combines homey comfort with natural elegance.

In a simple yet intricate manner, weatherproof bands are weaved around an aluminium structure to create the net chairs. The texture-rich materials of the seat and back contrasted with the metal frame is what makes these outdoor furnishings unique. The Net collection offers a whole range of soft, natural, and stronger colours to choose from. The stackable chairs can be complemented with a square table made of teak wood or lacquered aluminium.

Homey outdoor furniture for the new garden season
Homey outdoor furniture for the new garden season
Homey outdoor furniture for the new garden season

Rivage by Vlaemynck: Modular modern-chic outdoor furniture

Practical, stylish, and with a hint of the Côte d’Azur-feeling, the outdoor lounge by the French brand Vlaemynck invites you to relax outside. With the UV- and weather-resistant furniture of the Rivage collection, you can easily create a second living area in your garden, on your terrace, or at the poolside.

The square elements of the modular sofa-system can be put together and extended in whatever way you like. In this way, ottomans, corner chairs and seats can be used to create an individualized area for sitting and lying down. The white, coated aluminium base frames the light grey upholstery, while the blue pillows on top set a subtle accent. White or grey side tables complement this quadratic aluminium ensemble.

Homey outdoor furniture for the new garden season
Homey outdoor furniture for the new garden season
Homey outdoor furniture for the new garden season

Circo and Caribe by Ames: Weaving art with a modern twist

With lively colours, textured surfaces, and artistic craftmanship, the star designer Sebastian Herkner connects tradition with modernity in his outdoor collection for the German interior brand Ames. The Circo series, with its functional design pieces, made of powder-coated steel tubes and colourful plastic, naturally captures a modern lifestyle. Besides the lounge chair, dining chair, and side table, the Circo flower pots complete the collection.

For the collection Caribe, Herkner got inspiration from traditional Caribbean crafts. In the Columbian coastal region Santa Marta, so-called “Momposino” weaving art is already taught in schools. In this new, weatherproof furniture series, bright plastic cords are weaved together around a galvanised or powder-coated frame of steel tubes and threads, forming round dining chairs, benches, and tables. With expressive colour combinations in green, pink, and curry, the Caribe collection gives off the relaxed and easy feeling of a summer holiday.

Homey outdoor furniture for the new garden season
Homey outdoor furniture for the new garden season
Homey outdoor furniture for the new garden season

The Cleo collection by Talenti: An entire living room in the garden

The generous furniture pieces of the Cleo collection might as well be used in the living room. But with their stainless-steel base and teak wood, they are really developed for outdoor use. The designer Marco Acerbis designed a series of single objects for the Italian design brand Talenti, which can be harmoniously arranged in various layouts. Despite these numerous possibilities, the outdoor furniture always ensures an ambiance of calmness, elegance, and simplicity. The rigid geometrical shapes of the sofa models set the perfect contrast to the softness of the upholstery. A visual counterpart is the curved lounge chair; its rounded back smoothly transitions into the armrests. Besides the sun beds, dining and side tables, the Cleo collection also includes atypical outdoor furniture and accessories: A rocking chair, serving trolley, and floor lamp, for example, are there for you to create a comfortable outdoor reading nook.

The Bellevie sofa: Puristic design for a relaxed outdoor lounge

With reduced forms, the sofa Bellevie by the designers Pagnon and Pelhaître, embodies a contemporary style. The simple aluminium structure with its special protective coating gives the furniture piece stability as well as lightness. Depending on the colour choice, the matte metal coating either boldly or elegantly frames the grey upholstery. The latter is made of the unique “Sunbrella”-fabric from solution-dyed acrylic thread, which not only easily withstands summer rainfall, but is also stain-, mould-, and UV-resistant. Alone or in combination with the matching seat, chair, and table, the French outdoor furnisher Fermob, which carries the puristic Bellevie series, offers designer furniture for everyday use.

Quelle: Fermob / Vimeo

Whether you want to sit down for a coffee under your apple tree, take a nap on your terrace, or tan at the poolside: high-end producers offer outdoor furniture for every purpose and style. When in need of additional electricity or light in the garden, the Gira energy profile can come in handy.

Equipped with, for example, three combined switches with sockets and a light element, the energy profile provides you with power right where you need it – whether that’s on the terrace or in the middle of the garden. In this way, you do not need to make any compromises when creating your perfect outdoor living area.

Which outdoor furniture piece can you not go without? We are looking forward to receiving your comments!

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