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The Ocean Kitchen: Cooking for all the senses

Trendsetting ocean style

Looking at the latest smart home developments, using the kitchen as a main living area has become a key theme. A smart kitchen enhances living comfort and makes our everyday lives easier. On top of featuring functional equipment, modern kitchens use innovative design to winning effect. The Ocean Kitchen combines the functionality of a classic kitchen with breathtaking interior design. It achieves this balance by integrating a classic aquarium into the room’s layout, creating an out-of-the-ordinary highlight. This kitchen’s unusual interior design proves a living area doesn’t have to be boring or equipped for purpose only – not by any means. With its transparent structure, the aquarium furnishings harmonize well with the room’s existing furniture. Such kitchen concepts come best to life when complemented by rather minimalist fittings.

Pure individualism – colourful creations or simple settings? You decide.

Aquarium enthusiasts know that setting up an aquarium requires meticulous planning. Among others, the water balance has to be preserved and the fish species must stem from compatible groups. Corals and water plants shouldn’t just look nice; they should cater for an ecological equilibrium too. The large Ocean Kitchen models in particular offer a high degree of design freedom and functional flexibility. The installed counter, for example, can be moved using the integrated hydraulics, which makes cleaning the tank extremely convenient. The intelligent L-shape also provides additional storage space in the kitchen.

Inspiring interior design

Ocean Kitchen
Ocean Kitchen
Ocean Kitchen
Ocean Kitchen

Innovative. Eco-friendly. Custom-made

Designer Robert Kolenik has developed a concept that combines environmental protection aspects with highly aesthetic interior design. As a result, the various models are not only eco-friendly, they are also equipped to fully meet the various species’ needs and create a healthy environment. The Ocean Kitchen concept is a clear evidence that boundaries between nature and modern technology can be very blurred.

If you’re interested in a model from the Ocean Kitchen series but have limited space in your kitchen, do not give up on the idea. The concept can be customised to suit your personal needs and can be perfectly tailored to your kitchen space. But these concepts are only available as a limited edition.

What do you think of the Ocean Kitchen design as a highlight for your kitchen? Have you already integrated unusual room accessories to make your kitchen area stand out?

Design Innovation

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