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Nuimo Click: Control your smart devices without a power supply

Whether you plan to network your home with cables (KNX) or are opting for a wireless solution: You’ll soon notice that the Smart Home market is constantly evolving, with intelligent new solutions and new products to control your electronic systems. This trend hasn’t escaped the attention of Berlin-based start-up Senic either. In response, the company is aiming to bring some much-needed streamlining and simplicity to the market – and has partnered with Gira to develop a wireless wall switch. Nuimo Click not only acts as a simple and intuitive gateway to the world of wireless Smart Home control, but also helps you use your smart devices with maximum energy efficiency.

Nuimo Click: The simplest way to control your Smart Home

If you want to add intelligent building technology to your home quickly and easily, wireless systems are often the most practical option, particularly in older buildings or rented homes. Since 2013, start-up Senic has been working on a range of wireless solutions designed to instantly boost the technical IQ of any home. Hot on the heels of its Nuimo Control Smart Home system, the Nuimo Click remote control is now joining the portfolio of the Berlin-based hardware and software company. The wireless, high-quality polycarbonate switch is combined with a matching WiFi hub to control connected devices from anywhere in your home at the touch of a button.

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Simple app-based configuration for Sonos and Philips Hue

Nuimo Click is currently compatible with Sonos multi-room sound systems and Philips Hue lighting. To control these devices with the wireless switch via Bluetooth, WiFi or international wireless standard EnOcean, simply download the Senic Smart Home app from the Google Play store or the App Store. On your smartphone, you can configure up to ten Nuimo Clicks with their own individual settings. Once set up, you can use the switch to play music via your compact Sonos system, skip songs, set favourites and turn the volume up or down at distances of up to 30 metres. In addition to the basic on and off functionality, the Nuimo Click can also be used to dim Philips Hue lights and call up your own personalised light scenes.

Flexible and sustainable: Nuimo Click generates its own energy

A simple and user-friendly approach to configuration is not the only thing that sets the Nuimo Click apart as a Smart Home controller. Equipped with integrated energy harvesting technology, the innovative remote control needs no external power supply or batteries. Each time it is actuated, the switch generates sufficient energy to send a wireless signal to the WiFi hub. This kinetic solution means that you can fit the Nuimo Click virtually anywhere you wish, without worrying about a power supply. The self-adhesive mount sticks to any surface and can be positioned however you wish, on exposed concrete, wooden wall panelling or smooth bathroom tiles. The Nuimo Click requires no installation planning and gives you full flexibility when installing Smart Home technology in your property.

With the Nuimo Click you can control your music in your smart living room.
Smart Home control with senic switch.
Smart living room with an innovative switch.

Senic leads the way: The first partner of Gira’s GNERATOR start-up initiative

The three young entrepreneurs behind Senic impressed Gira’s Smart Home experts with their solutions, and became the first partners to benefit from the company’s extensive experience and expertise as part of the new GNERATOR start-up initiative.

Since March 2018, Gira has been supporting the next generation of exciting new innovators in the fields of Smart Homes and Smart Buildings through its start-up programme. The platform, run from Berlin, aims to forge long-term partnerships and enables start-ups to work with Gira to bring promising new ideas and concepts to life. We can’t wait to see what else the creative minds behind Senic will come up with as part of the GNERATOR network.

What do you think of the Nuimo Click? Let us know where you would fit this innovative switch in your home and why.

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