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This no-cable, flush-mounted RDS radio makes music and design dreams come true

Smart audio system for carefree musical enjoyment

It’s no secret that one of today’s main concerns is finding an outlet to plug in your smartphone when it needs charging. Free plugs are in some places, like the airport or your office, a scarcer resource than free parking spots.

When you’re in your own home, you naturally want to avoid this kind of plugging in your charger stress. Gira’s docking station is an extension of the flush-mounted RDS radio. As a combination, the audio system proves that you no longer need a whole load of cables to enjoy your music. The fact that it can also be used as a charging station for your smartphone is an additional bonus.

RDS: Clever radio in the wall

In Edgar Allen Poe’s time, sometimes noises came out of the wall – in this case, unfortunately, inducing madness rather than the joy you feel when listening to your favourite tune. Luckily, the flush-mounted radio from Gira doesn’t have anything like that in store for you.

“Form follows function” is a maxim that many designers adhere to, and this audio system was also designed for simple use.

Intuitive use – also for your radio

The speakers and capacitive operating element in socket outlet format are installed in the wall. The radio can tell if you have installed one or two speaker elements, and automatically switches between mono and stereo sound. The radio can also be coupled with the light switch if desired, meaning that you can turn on the light and radio in the bathroom with a single push of a button. And with a frequency range of 87.50 to 107.90 MHz, you will surely find your favourite radio station. The time and the name of the station is shown in the display. You can program your personal favourites to buttons 1 and 2. But what if your favourite tune isn’t playing on the radio right now, but you have it on your phone?

Enjoy music the elegant way


Docking station: the wireless miracle for loading up and streaming

Radio is a linear medium. The likelihood that your radio station will be playing the song you want at exactly the right moment is quite small. To make this possible, just add a docking station from Gira to your flush-mounted radio. Then you’ll be able to use Bluetooth to stream your favourite music from your smartphone, laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Practical smartphone charging station included

Der The icing on the cake? You can plug in your smartphone for charging anytime. There are three top units to choose from, which serve all common connection standards, from Apple Lightning to mini-USBs. Small tip for nostalgics: If you want to feed in a cassette or record from your HiFi system, we would recommend a connector with a cinch socket outlet.

Do you already use a flush-mounted radio or wireless audio system? Share your experiences with other readers.

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