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New year, new look: these are the trending colours for 2022

Living room with green couch

If you love interior design, you know that colours play an essential role in the overall look of your home. So how do you find the right shades when it’s time for a little make-over? Our tip: take advice from renowned experts who predict new trends, even before they come into full effect.

Industry insights from the Pantone Color Institute

Across different industries, there is one authority that (quite literally) sets the tone for contemporary colour schemes: the Pantone Color Institute belongs to Pantone, a company that has been developing universally applicable colour systems for decades.

Its precise formulas – no less than 5,000 in total – are used to design cosmetics, fashion, textiles, graphics, and print material. The Pantone Color Institute keeps a close watch on catwalks and similar venues across the globe. To figure out upcoming colour trends, it also analyses recent productions in the entertainment industry, modern artwork, and popular travel destinations.

Pantone predicts individualist colour schemes for interior design in 2022

According to the PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner, individuality will be the main theme for next year’s spring and summer. A mix of subtle and dominant shades reflects the diversity of modern life: neutral classics, gentle mineral tones, and soft pastels are about to enter the scene. Along with these, natural and earthy shades such as green, terracotta, and yellow add vigour and vitality to the pallet.

Interior colour trends for 2022

In the trend book for the London Fashion Week, Pantone offers even more insights. This report includes eight pallets with 65 colour trends for spring and summer in 2022. Among these, Ultimate Gray und Illuminating will still be in high demand during the coming season. But entirely new combinations are on the horizon as well. Our top picks from Pantone’s 2022 colour pallet:

  • Baby’s Breath: soft, creamy beige for summerlike minimalism
  • Beach Glass: muted green to set light contrasts
  • Blue Atoll: bubbly shade reminiscent of ocean waves
  • Marigold: striking retro-gold to create a cheerful atmosphere
  • Indigo Bunting: deep ocean blue for classic interior styles
  • Lava Falls: dark red for decorative accents
  • Macchiato: creamy terracotta as a neutral background or subtle play of contrasts
  • Orange Ochre: eye-catching yellow in mid-century modern style
  • Pickled Pepper: spicy, warm green with a strong yellow hue
  • Pirouette: delicate rosé for romantic highlights
  • Purple Rose: muted lilac with a light-hearted appeal
The latest colour trends for spring and summer 2022, as seen during the Panton London FW. Source: YouTube / Trends TV

Color Forward 2022 by Avient: yellow rings in the post-COVID era

Similarly to Pantone, the manufacturer Avient also predicts colour trends – with a focus on synthetics. Its prognosis is worked out by a global team of trend scouts, psychologists, and social scientists. They examine recent developments which are expected to impact our lifestyle in the near future. Among these, the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic played a huge part this year.

Based on current changes in everyday life, the Color Forward 2022 report presents four pallets in relation to four different trends. Each pallet consists of five shades, which makes 20 new colours for 2022. The clear winners of this year’s forecast: yellow tones. They stand for flexibility, freedom, and vitality, as well as a sense of warmth and togetherness. According to experts, these values will gain in significance during the post-COVID era.

Yellow cupboard

NCS Colour Trends 2022: a quadruple mix of moods

The Natural Colour Academy in Sweden has published prognoses since 2013, based on the assessments of renowned experts. Its outlook on the colour trends for 2022 also recognises a sense of optimism and new beginnings after the pandemic. Therefore, the NCS expects vivacious and positive colours to become increasingly popular.

Have you already chosen a pallet to start off the new year? With switches from the Gira design lines, you can add the finishing touches to your wall – no matter which colour trend will complement your interior in 2022. The Gira design configurator allows you to try out various combinations: just mix and match your favourite variants from Gira System 55 online to find out what works best with your favourite colours.

Gira E2 in black matt +

Gira E2

Minimalist design for any interior style: Gira E2 switches stand out with their simple, yet sophisticated aesthetics.

Minimalist accents on colourful walls: Gira E2 switches in black matt. Source: Gira

Green, yellow, beige: what’s your pick for 2022? And how would you integrate these colours at home? We look forward to your ideas.

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