Code of conduct for G-Pulse

With G-Pulse, we want to offer a platform for you to engage with us and our readers in an open, active, and fair dialogue with us and others. To make this possible, we ask you to first read and acknowledge our code of conduct before commenting on our website.

You are what you write

Other readers will base their perception of you on your writing and your comments. This is the first impression you will make on others. So, please avoid typos by proofreading your entry and use comprehensible wording. Even for writing simple sentences, you should allow yourself enough time.

Leaving a comment on G-Pulse

Please provide your first name, last name, and email address when you submit a comment. Be assured this will only be used for authentication and will not be used for any other purposes. The email address in particular will be handled confidentially and will not be published.

Whom will you reach with your comment?

When you leave a comment on our site, you will reach people with a general interest in interior design, architecture, and smart living. Think about whether you will strike an interest with your comment and address others in a way you would want to be addressed yourself.

Submit your comment only once

Do not enter your comment more than once under the same or different articles. If your comment is also applicable to or helpful for other discussions, you can simply insert a link to your already existing statement.

Avoid repetition

Before you add a comment to one of our articles, please make sure to read the other comments. Maybe your question has already been asked and answered. Repetitions can quickly lead to frustration amongst readers.

Be concise

When you comment, be concise. Note that the longer the comment, the less people will read it.

Treat other users with respect

Behind each comment, there is a real person. Treat others with respect and do not offend others by using exclamation marks or writing in all caps. Of course, you can express your own opinion. But when doing so, stay factual and do not make it personal. Respect the right of others to express their own opinions and do not try to push your perspective on others. When you do not appreciate a personal trait or an opinion expressed, then it is better to address this in private with the person in question or to ignore this person’s future comments.

What you write will remain visible for quite some time Do you read the news and search for information online, just like millions of other people do? In these fast-paced times, it is not uncommon to post a spontaneous reaction or comment that you regret later. So, think well about what you want to write here. All your comments will stay online for quite some time. Write in such a way that your comment remains relevant and representative of your opinion in the long-run.

Be friendly and respectful to moderators and other commentators

No matter how irritated you are, our team will be better able to help if you formulate your question in a concrete and clear way. Only then will we be able to provide you with helpful answers. Misunderstandings can never be completely prevented, but we will make an effort to avoid these.

Do not use our online presence for advertising purposes

Third-party advertisement on our online platforms is not welcome. We have to remove all contributions that are categorized as spam, commercial advertisements, or calls for donations.

Copyrights and licenses

When using texts and quotes from other sources, please make sure you have the permission to do so. If this is not the case, then ask for approval before submitting your entry, and clearly indicate the source of your content.

Do not post any personal data

to confidential information such as your log-in data or passwords. However, if it accidentally happens, we will make sure to erase the related data. Please note: in order to activate your comment on G-Pulse, your email address needs to be entered in the respective field. This information will not be published further.

Never give other users access to sensitive data

Do not share any data such as bank account details, credit card information, PIN-numbers, or other similarly sensitive information with anybody (this includes people that claim to be one of our team members). We wish you an inspiring and fun time on G-Pulse.