Living in an “outdoor house”: nature-based architecture with modern highlights

With vast heathland, sand dunes and woodlands, De Hoge Veluw National Park in the heart of the Netherlands is a popular destination for travellers seeking relaxation and time out in nature.

The tranquil little town of Otterlo offers special holiday accommodation in this unique landscape. At Droompark De Zanding, guests don't stay in ordinary bungalows, but in innovative holiday homes that pay homage to the tiny house trend.


Black wooden house in the middle of nature

Modern comfort in an indoor-outdoor hybrid

How can a holiday home combine modern design and deluxe living comfort while incorporating the experience of the outdoors? The Amsterdam architect Chris Collaris has found an answer to this question. In collaboration with the design studio Dutch Invertuals and Droompark, he has created the project “Het Buitenhuis”.

The new holiday home, whose name roughly translates to "outdoor house", lives up to its name in every detail. Amidst tall trees, natural stone and plants in large terracotta pots, Droompark has gained a special architectural and design highlight in the Buitenhuis.

The front of the house has a large glass front

Spacious relaxation over just a few square metres

With its linear form and black facade, the Buitenhuis deliberately stands out from its green surroundings. The dark wood cladding is broken up by a large glass front, which allows the inside to blend into the outside.

The abundance of light creates a bright, friendly atmosphere in the living area. With an unobstructed view to the outside, you have the feeling that you couldn't be closer to nature.

Through the large window front you can see the comfortably furnished living room.

Directly accessible from the living area is a furnished terrace, which brings the holiday home outdoors. Next to it on the ground floor there is a bathroom with shower, a bedroom, and an open and fully equipped kitchen.

Further sleeping berths and space for relaxing, reading or playing are offered by a mezzanine mini-loft under the roof.

The open kitchen is decorated with many plants and other elements in bohoo style.

Holidays with esprit: natural design down to the smallest detail

The interior designers have also based their design choices on nature and used natural materials. Between wooden beams, floors and furniture, green indoor plants emphasise a feeling of the outdoors. The natural look is accentuated by the warm, earthy colours of the walls and furnishings, which create a cosy ambience.

Even the home accessories are carefully coordinated, from the carpet to the kitchen equipment.

On the walls, switches and socket outlets from the Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood design line blend harmoniously into the overall aesthetic. The frame is made of renewable, environmentally friendly raw materials, and fits perfectly with the overall nature-based concept.

Gira Esprit Schalter in the Buitenhaus
The Gira Esprit design line blends in harmoniously with natural furnishings. Source: Ronald Smits

A step into the future: the outside becomes a living space

For Droompark, the Buitenhuis is “a step into the future” and is therefore designed for series production. Following the example of the pilot hybrid, further holiday apartments are to be built in the park, the interiors of which can be individually designed and adapted by the designers at Dutch Invertuals.

The overriding concept remains the clear focus on closeness to nature.

If you don't just want to live outside on holiday, you can also set up a living room under the open sky at home: all you need is the right outdoor furniture and weatherproof technology.

How do you make yourself feel really at home outdoors? We look forward to your tips in the comments section.

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