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Multi-purpose furniture – Convenience in style

The smart home – Convenience and flexibility

Many people tried and failed to make small spaces truly functional while pursuing a useful and modern interior design concept. Multi-purpose furniture can be an excellent solution to overcome this challenge, as it can be constantly adapted to your needs and therefore put to appropriate use. These smart products are easy to deploy and the concept quick to implement. Rooms can be optimized for a variety of purposes without compromising on space. Combining the innovative room concept with multifunctional furniture allows you to achieve maximum flexibility within your four walls.

Multi-functional furniture: Design meets functionality

The opportunity to combine highly attractive aesthetics with functional benefits in particular is a practical expectation in everyday life. When used in the lounge and sleeping areas, the hinged wall stocked by Stilwerk, for example, meets the discerning requirements of modern apartment owners, while simultaneously satisfying their various needs. This innovative product is a modern wall painting with simple elements which happens to serve several functional purposes. Pieces of furniture that fulfill their original function are hidden behind the large painting.

Whether you actually intend to use it, or display it for decorative purposes, this functional piece of furniture is literally in a class of its own. Another smart multi-purpose product is the folding sauna, which can be easily placed into a small living area and be unfolded to relax at the touch of a button.

Modular cupboard solution for maximum storage

Whether it’s made up of a big family or a single person, almost every household has at least one cupboard that’s so full that tidying becomes a hassle. What’s more, the bed, sofa and dresser take up so much room there is hardly any space left to move around. But space is absolutely essential for a pleasant living ambience. The company Barbara Appolloni Architect solves this problem with the Lego apartment. Depending on your requirements, small and large drawer elements reveal individual pieces of furniture in a matter of seconds. In next to no time, you can pull out a bed in the exact same place where your table and chairs were previously located. Surfaces of different heights, which acted simultaneously as seating and stairs, are integrated in the new piece of furniture and can be put to perfect use to suit the occasion. The Lego apartment’s smart modular system is characterized by flexibility and convenience – so you’re perfectly prepared for most situations.

Room concepts with multifunctional furniture

The multi-purpose table – A social highlight

Not only does multi-functional furniture increase your home’s functionality, it also creates more space for fun during your spare time. Are you one of those people who love billards but simply don’t have the space to fit a table in their living room? A modern high-quality dining table-cum-elegant billiard table is the perfect solution in this case. You can switch between the two pieces of furniture in a matter of seconds and challenge your friends to play billards after dinner.

Transform your living area into a study at the touch of a button

Thanks to the combined creative efforts of designer Yves Béhar and the MIT Media Lab, you can now customize your rooms to suit your individual needs at the touch of a button.

As the name Ori suggests, the furniture and fittings can be folded up and redesigned to suit the occasion, just like an origami figure. For example, depending on your mood, the installation can be folded out to reveal a television, or a comfortable sofa. A bed can also be integrated to fill the space usually occupied by your desk during the day. From a technical standpoint, Ori leaves nothing to be desired. You can even change the positions of the individual pieces of furniture using an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also save specific lighting settings so that you don’t have to configure and adjust them for each and every occasion. You too can benefit from these convenient features in your home using intelligent building technology. The lighting, blinds, and other functions can be automatically controlled using a KNX system, for example. All in all, multifunctional furniture is proving to be an extremely practical and versatile companion in everyday life, while remaining stylish and easy to operate.

Ori design variants

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