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Multi-purpose furniture – big ideas for small spaces

The trend towards small living reflects a fundamental change in living requirements. This also places new demands on furnishings. The more limited the living space, the more important it is to design rooms as functionally as possible and to use them effectively. Modern multi-purpose furniture helps you make the most of limited space.

LifeEdited – a prototype for living in a modern micro-apartment

Inspiration for comfortable living in a small space comes from New York’s prototype of a micro-apartment.

The LifeEdited project squeezes the areas used for different everyday situations and requirements into just 32 square metres. With multi-purpose furniture such as fold-out tables, wall beds and folding partitions, the room transforms from bedroom to living area, from dining room to conference room or from office to bar and guest room. Smart home technologies supplement the ingenious living concept and ensure the highest quality of living.

Man unfolds bed and closes bedroom door
Fold-out table and fold-out bed
Coffee table folds down into a dining table

Space-saving furniture for a flexible office in your home

The one-person household is also on the rise in this country. The furniture maker Müller has plenty of ideas at hand.

The compact and timeless solutions include a flexible interior for the home office such as individually adaptable secretary desks. These hang or stand on the wall to save space and can be instantly folded out into a fully-fledged work desk including storage space. When the desk is not in use, it disappears back into the wall.

Multifunctional furniture for the home office
Multifunctional desks

Swing – an elegant table that easily converts into a shelf unit

When space is limited, there’s no room for unused furniture. The Düsseldorf-based manufacturer German Smart Living offers a new solution with the SWING table, a clever piece of multifunctional furniture for small apartments that you can use in a variety of ways.

You can instantly transform the table with its wooden top and metal frame into a practical shelf. Recessed castors make the charming space-saver even more flexible. The Swing table is available in various designs – including an outdoor version for a small garden or balcony.

Versatile use with a single handle. Source: YouTube / German Smart Living

USM Haller presents a new solution for modular planting

Even the smallest apartment should have room for fresh foliage and flowering plants. The Swiss family business USM Haller shows how. With its latest collection, USM Haller offers a handy addition to its modular furniture system,

providing many new options for houseplant lovers. The accessories for individual planting can be easily integrated into the familiar USM Haller metal structure and potted plants can be put into special recesses in the plant frame.

Room divider with plant shelf and wardrobe
Home office desk with plants

Gira Plug & Light featured by Gira – multifunctional lamp for individual lighting design

Individually adaptable lighting also helps to make more effective use of small rooms. The Gira Plug & Light featured by Gira is a multi-talent for needs-based lighting design. Flexible installation ensures that you get the light exactly where you need it.

Simply dock the Plug & Light featured by Gira spotlight onto the Plug & Light featured by Gira socket outlet. Thanks to the magnetic connection, the various attachments are continuously rotatable though 360 degrees, can be exchanged at any time, and adjusted as you need.


Plug & Light featured by Gira

On, off, dimmed: Plug & Light featured by Gira sets the perfect mood for any time of day.

Power supply and lighting source combined: Plug & Light featured by Gira proves convenient in work spaces. Source: Gira

As you can see, there are many ways to save space even in a small apartment.

Multifunctional furniture is easy to use and is a practical and versatile everyday companion.

Which multifunctional furniture for small apartments do you particularly like? How important are flexibility and functionality in furnishings? We look forward to hearing what you think.

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