Your votes have been cast: here are the most popular Gira products

In our format "Gira asks", we wanted to know what your personal Gira favourites are and to which new products you are particularly looking forward. We'd like to share the results of our social media survey with you.

Elegant & versatile: the Gira pushbutton sensor 4

Among the Gira product innovations, the Gira pushbutton sensor 4 is an absolute top favourite. Hidden beneath its stylish surface is a true multi-talent: at the simple touch of a button, you can use it to control a wide range of applications in the KNX Smart Home – light scenes, blinds, music system, room temperature and much more.

The high-quality material overlay ensures a wonderful feeling to the touch.

You can also assign one of eight light colours to the integrated LEDs, giving you the whole spectrum at your fingertips.

Gira has expanded its existing colour range so that the Gira pushbutton sensor 4 fits effortlessly into any interior. The following have been added: pure white glossy (lacquered), pure white matt (lacquered), anthracite (lacquered), black matt (lacquered) and grey matt (lacquered).

Gira pushbutton sensor 4

Classic & sleek: the Gira KNX button

At first glance, the Gira KNX button looks like a completely normal light switch. But there is much more behind the seemingly simple button. It is precisely this combination of simple and smart that our followers also like. The KNX button offers full control over selected areas of your home, so you can use it to control the lights or even operate your blinds.

You can choose between a single and dual pushbutton version, to which you can assign two or four individual functions.

With seven colour variants and a freely selectable frame, the robust switch adapts perfectly to any environment. A practical extra: the illuminated display also serves as an orientation light at night. You can adjust the light colour and brightness to suit your needs.

Smart & reliable: the Gira motion detector Cube

Gira's new motion detector for outdoors also did well in the voting. The Gira motion detector Cube with its clear design is a stylish eye-catcher that harmonises wonderfully with modern architecture.

A particularly clever feature of this product is the combined detection of thermal movement and ambient brightness. This prevents the outdoor lighting from being activated inadvertently when trees or bushes are swaying in the wind.

Gira motion detector Cube for garden lights

A strong team: the Gira X1 and the Gira S1

Whether light, blinds or heating: the Miniserver Gira X1 enables you to control all systems and functions of your Smart Home via KNX intelligently, flexibly and perfectly tailored to your needs. Since its introduction, the Gira X1 has been one of the absolute top favourites in the Gira range.

You can also operate the Gira X1 remotely via an app. To ensure that data transmission cannot be manipulated by outside parties, the Gira S1 security module reliably encrypts your communication. This means that you – and only you – can securely control your home remotely.

Control your Smart Home with Gira G1

Clever operating elements, sophisticated applications and powerful Smart Home servers:

the Gira product portfolio offers a wide range of aesthetic and intelligent solutions for your home.

Were you able to find your personal Gira favourite among those mentioned in the article? Or would you like to add your own favourite product? We look forward to your comments.

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