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Monochrome style: The timeless versatility of black and white

It's a palette that's elegant, stylish and goes with everything: Coordinated monochrome interiors are one of this year's key interior design trends. Our tips will help you create a minimalist and contemporary style in your home.

A leap into the dark

We're the first to put our hands up and admit that it takes a lot of courage to paint an entire wall black. And you'd be right to be cautious: going overboard on the dark shades and furniture can result in an interior that feels oppressive and enclosed. Balance is the key to creating a peaceful and Zen-like ambience in your home. Light-coloured furniture and textiles provide that essential contrast to a darker backdrop, making an avant-garde design statement. Clever colour choices for walls, ceilings and floors can make rooms look longer or deeper. In small or narrow rooms, white walls create the illusion of space, which is essential to bringing out the best of your monochrome furniture and accessories.

Fifty shades of black and white

For a fully coordinated look, door and window frames should also be painted. Puristic Gira E2 switches in pure white or anthracite are the perfect finishing touch for your room. Use the Gira Design Configurator to not only see how other switch designs will look in your monochrome interior, but also to decide which system is the best fit for you and your home.

With monochrome, there is no need to limit yourself to one interpretation of black or white. The monochrome colour palette is as diverse as any other, with shades ranging from creamy warm whites and eggshell acrylics to cool granite greys and statement graphite blacks. Use subtle variations of these shades to soften contrasts and create an interesting and attractive finish.


Harmony in contrast

Limiting your colour palette to blacks, whites and greys means that you can get creative with materials, patterns and styles. You might choose to combine key furniture pieces of distinctive styles and eras: in a monochrome interior, the puristic, mid-century Milo Baughamn 1188 Chair suddenly no longer looks out of place next to an antique dresser. A white sofa becomes an elegant focal point with the addition of a futuristic side table in glossy black marble. Durable and natural materials are the perfect complement to monochrome design concepts. Upholstery and accessories in linen, leather and wool create texture and transform stark black and white interiors into homely and welcoming spaces.

Structure and patterns

Graphics and geometric patterns – think broad stripes, checks and chevrons – open up another monochromatic avenue for you to explore. Defined shapes lend the space a clean and streamlined look and create contrast. Black and white patterns work well on larger areas, such as carpets, rugs or curtains.

You can also add structure with patterned black and white accessories, such as ceramic vases, or by using cushions to create your own eye-catching mosaic effect.

Understated or extravagant: Breaking the rules

If you want your interior to be a touch more glamorous, finish off the cool monochrome design with gleaming accessories in bronze, gold and silver for a more extravagant result. Break the traditional rules of black and white interior design by adding splashes of colour and metallic shades to create subtle accents. Monochrome interiors also work well with the green living trend: Low-maintenance house plants bring life and colour to your elegant living space, and can be incorporated into the look with contemporary accessories such as the Iris Planter and Chevron Stand by West Elm.

Perhaps monochrome isn't so black and white after all. To pull off this timeless interior trend, a little courage and willingness to experiment goes a long way.

How do you feel about the monochrome interior trend? Is it stylish, or too sterile? Let us know in the comments!

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