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Smart technology and elegant design at your door step

Diversity in modern door communication

Today’s living concepts are more diverse than ever before. No matter whether you live in a single household, shared accommodation, or a single-family house, your visitors usually announce their arrival by ringing your door bell, and you receive your post through the letterbox. Door intercoms and letterbox systems are an unquestionable part of most buildings. Yet the requirements vary. From the number of letterboxes and call buttons, through to the basic visual appearance, to individual features such as cameras, the market offers a wide variety of solutions. This makes it all the more difficult for construction building owners to decide on which products to opt for. Two manufacturers – Renz and Gira – joined forces to bring ambitious door communication concepts to life.

Configure door communication to suit your individual needs

Gira solves this dilemma with a modular approach to its new door intercom, Gira System 106. Individual square modules can be positioned above, below or next to one another. The Door Communication Configurator helps simulate the various options. This online tool is fairly easy-to-use and allows the immediate visualization of the door station. The modular elements can be selected and organized using the drag and drop function to create a homogenous overall effect. Similar to the Gira System 106, the letterbox systems from the Renz Plan S series are versatile enough to enable numerous configurations. And both the new door communication system and the Plan S system can now be seamlessly integrated.

The Gira System 106: flexible and elegant

Smarte Türkommunikation im modernen Produktdesign

Letterbox solution in elegant design: The cooperation with Renz
Letterboxes and door communication modules are available in the same material and can be integrated with one another in a flush-mounted set-up. By combining these premium products, you can create highly functional systems for the entrance area which look both visually harmonious and elegant.

Das The Gira System 106 and the Plan S series are two systems which offer an extensive range of options, making them the perfect match for the sheer diversity of today’s living and building concepts. Intelligent door communication and innovative letterbox – and even parcel box systems – build on each other to create a perfectly integrated solution. The Door Communication Configurator tool makes it easy for you to simulate the products combinations that suit your individual requirements best.

How would you design your System 106? Feel free to try out the Door Communication Configurator and share your experiences in the comments section.

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