Modern kitchen lighting ideas for your home

It’s a place where we cook together, eat together and simply enjoy being together. In many homes, the modern kitchen has become a second living space for the family. The light you need in your kitchen will differ depending on what you’re doing. For example, you would need a bright and functional light to cook and warm and welcoming light to eat at the dining table. It’s also important that your modern kitchen lighting is convenient to control. Read on to discover our recipe for perfect kitchen lighting.

The basics of modern kitchen lighting

Efficient basic lighting is a key component of any room, and the kitchen is no exception.

Basic modern kitchen lighting is used for orientation and should illuminate the entire room evenly, so open shade designs are ideal. Bulbs with a light output of around 300 lux are best as they are bright enough to prevent the eyes from becoming fatigued. Warm white lighting will make your kitchen feel welcoming without making it look too sterile.

Even the best extraction hood won’t be able to prevent some kitchen grease from building up on your lights. So, we recommend stainless steel or glass lamps, as these materials are easy to clean. Avoid fabric shades, as they are difficult to clean and can become discoloured when exposed to steam.

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Modern kitchen lighting ideas in subtle colours.

Adequate lighting for work and leisure

If you’ve ever attempted to debone a fish or decorate a cake, you’ll know that powerful and functional lighting around your working areas is an absolute must. Bright lighting with a neutral white colour will help you concentrate and give you the illumination you need when preparing food. Under-cabinet lighting is ideal for this purpose. Make sure that the lights don’t dazzle you or cast annoying shadows on your working area.

In the dining area, the warm white light will help to create a welcoming atmosphere. A single round pendant light will work well suspended above a small table; if your dining table is longer, install multiple decorative pendants in a row.

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Spotlights for practical additional lighting

Spotlights are the perfect complement to your basic lighting, helping to illuminate areas that are trickier to light up, like the inside of kitchen cabinets. If you want to use spotlights to illuminate your entire room, it’s best to install them in a uniform grid pattern on your ceiling. You could also opt for a row of spotlights if that suits your space better.

When it comes to modern kitchen lighting, flexibility is your number one priority. So, lighting systems that you can adjust depending on the situation are ideal for the kitchen. The Gira Plug & Light light socket outlet can be used with a variety of different top units – all of which are easy to connect and remove thanks to the integrated magnetic system. The spotlights can be rotated a full 360 degrees, enabling you to transform the focused light that was just illuminating your working area into indirect lighting for your evening meal.

Plug and light by Gira for modern kitchen lighting.

“Let there be light!” – Kitchen lighting control made simple

There are various ways to control your lighting and adjust it to suit the situation. If you opt for voice control, you don’t even have to get up from your seat at the table. Simply say “Alexa, switch on the lighting for dinner” and your smart assistant will pass on your request to the Gira X1 mini server or the Gira HomeServer, which will immediately activate your chosen lighting configuration. In addition to Amazon Alexa, you could opt for Google Assistant to control your lighting. Voice control also works with wireless solutions like the Gira eNet SMART HOME.

You can, of course, still opt to control your kitchen lighting manually. The Gira G1 control unit is the perfect way to do so with maximum convenience, enabling you to configure each of your modern kitchen lighting components individually on a single display. From the Smart Home app, you can program complex lighting scenarios that you can then easily recall later as and when you need them.

Modern kitchen lighting and dining ideas.

As you can see, the options for controlling your modern kitchen lighting are almost as varied as the lighting options themselves. No matter how you choose to illuminate your kitchen, one thing is certain:

A well-thought-out and intelligently connected kitchen lighting system is an essential part of any modern home.

Which aspects of kitchen lighting are important to you? Let us know in the comments!

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