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Modern interior doors: the finishing touch for every room

Doors are a key part of any interior and, like staircases, they are designed to last. As they’ll shape your interior style for many years to come, choosing your doors is a big commitment – so it’s essential that they reflect your tastes and design preferences.

Contemporary interior doors are more than just a physical boundary

The primary function of interior doors is, of course, to enable you to separate and close off rooms. But because doors also connect these spaces, they need to match the personality of each of the adjoining rooms.

When choosing modern interior doors to connect frequently used rooms such as living rooms and kitchens, it’s worth thinking about thermal insulation as well as design. Bathroom doors should be able to withstand high levels of humidity, and doors leading to bedrooms and children’s rooms should be well-insulated against noise.

Alongside all of these very practical considerations, contemporary interior doors are also becoming a more important part of the design and styling of interior spaces. When you redecorate or renovate a room, you’ll be faced with countless options that differ not only in terms of their design and material, but also in how they feel to the touch and how they perform in everyday use.

Classic Blue doors Colour of the Year 2020

Traditional hinged door or space-saving sliding door?

Traditional hinged doors are still the most popular option for interior spaces, with flat and flush models available in countless materials, colours and surface finishes.

However, in small rooms or areas where space is tight, sliding doors are worth considering. Unlike traditional hinged doors, sliding doors do not require any clearance to swing outwards or inwards when you open them, so you can win back a significant amount of floor space. As sliding doors aren’t all that common, modern designs can become eye-catching interior features.

indor doors

Contemporary interior doors in a range of looks

Contemporary interior doors can be made from solid wood or wood composite materials. The benefits of the solid wood variant? They naturally keep heat in and noise out. However, they are also more susceptible to warping when the temperature fluctuates.

Glass doors, or contemporary interior doors with glass panes worked into the design, are an elegant and practical option, enabling you to separate spaces while still creating a sense of connection between the rooms and allowing daylight to flood in.


Gira switches made from glass

Glass can complement your interior design in various ways: it adds an elegant appeal to switches from the Gira Esprit design line.

Glass interior doors make any room feel larger and brighter.

CPL doors: An alternative to wood and glass

Contemporary interior doors made from CPL (continuous pressure laminate) are also gaining in popularity. These doors have a multi-layered laminate surface and are exceptionally robust, resistant to scratches and easy to maintain. Their high resistance to the wear and tear of everyday life makes CPL doors ideal for busy living areas or for families with children and pets. What’s more, the decorative paper used in the CPL cover layer can be printed in virtually any design, and can even be made to resemble natural materials such as wood.

Contemporary interior doors open up a range of design options

White doors are a true interior design classic; their neutral colour means that they fit in homes of any style and match all types of flooring. If you don’t want your interior to be too minimalist and sleek, you can soften the look with eye-catching dark handles on light-coloured interior doors. The matt black fittings and handles from Hewi create a stunning contrast effect against pure white walls and doors. Black wall switches from the Gira E2 design line complete the look. For an even more sophisticated look, check out the Hewi Bicolor series of fittings, which features a bronze-coloured stainless steel border that combines perfectly with the new switch colour Gira Esprit bronze.


Gira switches made from linoleum-plywood

Two materials in one sustainable design line: Gira Esprit switches with linoleum-plywood frames.

Interior doors with laminate surfaces are durable and round off minimalist interior perfectly.

What can I expect to pay for a good-quality interior door?

Cost is an important consideration when you’re planning how to decorate your home. Prices of contemporary interior doors vary considerably depending on the type of door and the material you’re looking for. For a simple, flat interior door, you should expect to spend at least 50 euros excluding fitting.

Interior doors made of glass or with glass panes can easily cost twice this amount. The cost of a rustic country-style door in solid wood or a double-leaf model can run into four figures.

No matter which contemporary interior doors you choose, one thing is certain: doors are much more than just simple room dividers. They are the design elements to lend your home a whole new ambience.

Glass, wood or CPL doors: Which types of contemporary interior doors do you like best for your home? Let us know in the comments!

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