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Modern fireplaces to keep your home warm and stylish

Modern fireplaces can complement our homes in several ways. While heating up the living room, they also transmit a sense of calm and comfort. Contemporary designs can even serve as a visual highlight to upgrade your interior.

Traditional and future-proof: the benefits of indoor fireplaces

In contrast to open fireplaces, stoves have a closed combustor and are not part of the building’s core structure.

Instead, they can be connected to the chimney with an additional stovepipe. Their firing chamber furthermore requires a regulated air supply. Classic wood-burning stoves are fuelled with timber, briquettes, or pellets – which makes them particularly energy-efficient and sustainable. Alternatively, you could also choose a modern fireplace fuelled by gas and bioethanol. To give you an overview of the best options available, here are our five top picks that combine eye-catching looks with convenient functions.

Clou Xtra: the extraordinary fireplace

Design outside the box: the Clou Xtra stove immediately catches the eye.

Oval shape, round glass door, and a nutwood handle set against anthracite steel: Clou Xtra is the right choice for lovers of minimalist interior with refined accents.

Designed by Austrian manufacturer AUSTROFLAMM, the stove not only stands out because of its stylish appeal – it also has an efficiency rate of 80 % and can store heat up to 12 hours.

Elements: the flexible fireplace

Dynamic form and function: the “Elements” stove is based on a modular design concept.

If you’re looking for something that leaves plenty of room for creativity, we recommend another Austrian model: the company skantherm has developed a modern gas fireplace called Elements that consists of three different components. These can be mixed and matched as needed to meet your individual needs.

The combustor has a 90-degree rotation angle, which allows you to watch the flames from different corners of the room. In the standard version, Elements comes with a wooden drawer that can be supplemented by an optional module for heat storage.

Contura 35: the understated fireplace

Effcient heating: the Contura 35 can store heat for up to seven hours.

A modern wood-burning stove that even won a Red Dot Award for its innovative design: the Contura 35 has a black-and-white metal cladding and generous glass panes in the front and on both sides.

The flames are thus visible from all angles, while the monochrome exterior subtly blends in with its surroundings. The Swedish manufacturer Contura has also included a heat accumulator that keeps the room warm for up to seven hours after the fire has burnt out.

Focus: the exotic fireplace

The round shape of the Boafucus makes for a visual highlight in living rooms.
Suspended from the ceiling, the Bathyscafocus in white seems to float in the air.

The design of this modern wood-burning fireplace is just as unusual as its name: the so-called Bathyscafocus stands out with futuristic aesthetics and a combustion chamber that can be rotated by 360 degrees. It is attached to the ceiling by a vertical pipe, while the lower part freely floats in the air. French manufacturer Focus thereby recreated the image of planet Earth with its fiery core. Placed in the middle of the room, the Bathyscafocus surely makes an impressive statement.

It is available with either an open or closed casing, in the colour variants white and black matt.

For energy-efficient homes with complex ventilation systems, the stationary stove Boafocus Mural offers a sustainable alternative. This model relies on natural gas or propane as fuel, independently from indoor air. It can easily be monitored via remote control.

Raam: the smart fireplace

Traditional heating paired with modern comfort: the Raam pellet stove can be controlled via app.

Italian manufacturer MCZ has developed a pellet stove that uses modern technology to bring even more comfort into your home. The Raam fireplace allows for easy control via app: you can check and adjust the heat capacity and output with your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to an external air supply, it does not take any oxygen from indoors. This makes the Raam ideal for buildings with ventilation systems. Its flat design offers a space-saving solution for narrow hallways and smaller rooms. The front side is available in white, bordeaux, or silver, creating a stylish contrast against the black casing.

As you can see, modern fireplaces come in various shapes and forms: small or large, elegant or rustic, minimalistic or extravagant. Their functionality is equally diverse, ranging from timber-fuelled fireplaces to app-controlled combustion. No matter which model you choose – remember to always consult with a specialist to ensure that the installation meets all necessary safety standards. Once the technical specifics have been cleared, you can just lean back and enjoy the cosy vibes – complete with a hot cup of cocoa and your favourite playlist.

Do you have a fireplace in contemporary design at home, or are you planning to install one? Let us know which model fits your personal style best!

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