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Modern Electric Heaters: Four designer pieces to warm your home in style

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a warm and cosy living room. But your living room may not actually be that cosy – even with the radiators turned up to the max. Perhaps you may even need to use an unheated space such as a conservatory, a basement or a garage. In these cases, a portable electric heater will help heat your home to a comfortable temperature. You can place the source of heat exactly where you need it. So why not read on to discover our top four portable heater models: guaranteed to add not just warmth, but a touch of style to your interior. Welcome to the world of the chic, modern electric heater.

1. Eve Designer Electric Heater: Warmth at the touch of a button

The elegant soft curves of the Eve electric heater from the Tubes Plug & Play collection make it an eye-catching addition to any room.

Measuring at 40 centimetres, the Eve heater from design duo Ludovica and Roberto Palomba and created by Italian manufacturer Tubes Radiatori, is an appliance that masterfully combines heat, light and design. Simply plug the unit in and place it wherever you need a boost of extra warmth.

The technology behind the Eve electric heater is simple: A jet of warm air flows through a narrow gap in the appliance to heat the surrounding space. The unit also features an integrated dimmable light, which casts an elegant circle onto the floor. The heating and lighting functions can be controlled independently using a touch remote control or the associated smartphone app.

Modern electric heater Eve in dining room
Modern electric heater Eve in dining room with bookshelf
Modern electric heater Eve in living room

2. Scaletta Heated Towel Rail: Form meets function

The electric Scaletta heated towel rail by Italian designer Elisa Giovannoni is another design highlight that easily made it into our top-four. This ladder-shaped electric heater is a design-led development of the standard towel rail.


Available in gold, red, yellow and classic grey, the Scaletta towel rail doesn’t need to be confined to the bathroom. This stylish piece works equally well in the kitchen or bedroom, too. The 104-centimetre heater plugs into a standard power socket and is equipped with a manual temperature controller.

Electric heater Scarletta in dark room against wall
White electric heater Scarletta against black wall
Gold electric heater Scarletta in bathroom

3. Origami Portable Modern Electric Heater: Lightweight, flexible and foldable

Yet another highlight from the Tubes Plug & Play collection is the Origami electric heater. Created by industrial designer Alberto Meda, the folding modules of this heater were inspired by the design of a room divider screen. For maximum flexibility, Origami is available in various versions:


a model with three folding heater modules can be used as a room divider.

Alternatively, a slimline version with just one or two modules is ideal for the bathroom. The Origami is controlled using a touchscreen, which provides access to four different heating modes – enabling you to adjust your heating to suit your needs.

Origami electric heater in dark room
Origami electric heater in living room

4. Dyson Pure Hot+Cool: A heater, air purifier and fan in one

Alongside the Italian designer creations from Tubes, one British innovation has made it into our round up: A modern electric heater by Dyson. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool is an all-in-one fan, electric heater and air purifier. The appliance provides heat in the winter and helps to cool

down your room in the summer – all while purifying the air too.

With an air flow rate of 290 litres a second, the air purifier is designed to filter gases, hazardous substances and allergens out of the air. The 63-centimeter Dyson Pure Hot+Cool also operates from a standard power socket and is available in an elegant shade of anthracite.

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool. Source: Dyson / YouTube

Modern electric heaters combine functionality, design and convenience – and most of the latest models can even be controlled via apps.

They are also packed with additional features such as lighting, cooling and air purification.

Which designer heater would be the best match for your interior? Let us know in the comments!

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