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Diamond in the rough: A modern black house, a monolith of a contemporary home

Building a black house right in the middle of an area of natural beauty is already something of a statement. But if design were to deliberately throw away the established rulebook on architectural form, you may just end up with a home like this one: a shining example of how private building projects can produce truly extraordinary architectural results.

Modern Black House: As unpolished as the natural landscape

On a plot of land northwest of Gothenburg, a family of three realized their dream of building an extraordinary and unique home. Before architects even put pen to paper, the family had a very specific idea of what they wanted their home to look like. So, they entrusted architect Johannes Norlander to turn their vision into reality.

His modern black house design, named “Tumle”, was a sculptural new building in which no two sides are the same. The unusual shape of the building was inspired by an irregularly shaped hexagon. The wooden frame construction is clad in powder-coated black steel sheets, broken up here and there only by a few rectangular and square windows. From a distance, the house looks like a black gemstone nestled in the natural landscape.

modern black house in Sweden

A modern dream home with an ‘edgy’ look

This contemporary home was planned in meticulous detail. The corners and edges are all the result of careful consideration about to how to divide up the living space and the views from each area of the house. No matter where the owners stand to view their surroundings, they are guaranteed to enjoy stunning views of the Swedish forest and mountains from every angle.

The 168 square metres of living space is divided between two levels. On the ground floor, there is a spacious living room, kitchen, utility room and a toilet. A white staircase leads up to the first floor. This opens out to three bedrooms, a bathroom and an open-plan office. Despite its unusual architecture, there is ample space for storage. Clever, built-in cupboards were added by the architect for this purpose. There’s also no shortage of worktop space in the kitchen, making it easy for the family to cook together.

inside the modern black house

Minimalist design through the interior

In stark contrast to the building’s dark façade, the interior is flooded with light and painted an inviting, bright white colour. The silvery grey flooring and black window frames are the only elements to break up the colour scheme.

To match the streamlined design and light walls, the architect recommended Gira F100 switches in pure white glossy. Aesthetically and functionally, this sleek design line is the perfect choice for this minimalist interior: The practical switch boasts a large operating surface and compatibility with over 200 smart home functions.

inside outside modern black housse

“House Tumle” near Gothenburg is the perfect example of how extraordinary architecture can shape and enrich the natural landscape. If you’d like to bring your home up to date, check out for more information.

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What do you think of this Swedish home? Do you know of any other extraordinary construction projects? Let us know in the comments!

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