Minimalist luxury: when simple meets sophisticated

A puristic look in your home comes with several benefits. For one, you can be sure that it will never go out of style. Plus, if you ever want a change of scenery, you can switch it up anytime – seasonal elements will blend in seamlessly with an overall neutral background. In this spirit, minimal luxury is all about the mix: a few eye-catching accents will be enough to give your room a luxurious appeal.

Style with substance: materials for minimalist luxury

When you cut back on colour and décor, small accents can appear in a whole new light.

Single pieces made from exquisite materials add a glamorous finish to otherwise low-key living spaces. Marble or terrazzo surfaces work well on kitchen counters as much as coffee tables. Solid wood furniture, along with leather-clad armchairs, help create a noble yet homely ambiance.

Minimalist luxury interior also allows for a little sparkle: you can integrate shimmering elements such as velvet and silky textiles, or accessories made from bronze and aluminium.

living room with dark metal lamps

Setting the tone: colours for minimal contemporary design

If you want to keep it simple, natural and muted shades are always a good choice. Off-white, beige, and sandy surfaces have ranked among the top trends in 2021. Together with generous leather chairs and bright wooden furniture, these colours fit particularly well into mid-century modern homes. Stainless steel and brass, on the other hand, accentuate industrial interiors with grey concrete walls. Minimalist luxury design leaves ample room for you to experiment with different colour schemes and styles – as long as you don’t overdo it.

Try to keep your space clean and open, placing furniture only where it serves an actual purpose. This way, small details such as Gira Esprit witches will truly shine: with their soft metallic gloss and subtle design language, variants in aluminium, stainless steel, or bronze are the perfect complement to minimalistic interiors.

In case you need some more ideas for a touch of glamour in your home, here’s an overview on the latest style trends of 2021.

Gira Esprit in aluminium light gold +

Gira Esprit

15 colour variants, innovative design, sustainable materials: Gira Esprit switches meet the highest quality standards.

A touch of elegance on the wall: Gira Esprit in aluminium white gold. Source: Gira

Tacchini: minimal luxury in the shape of future-proof furniture

Ideally, quality and sustainability go hand in hand when it comes to interior design. This definitely holds true at Tacchini, a family-run company based in Italy. They offer a versatile range of durable products that can be integrated into any room or living area.

For their collection Tacchini Edizioni (i. e. “editions“), the label stages beautiful interior pieces in minimalist, yet luxurious settings.

Recently, this included a series of Mmodular upholstery by the Maltese designer Gordon Guillaumier. At points where the seats of single modules overlap, Guillaumier incorporated contrasting surfaces made from wood, marble, and textiles.

Coffee tables from the Soap design line have already become bestsellers at Tacchini. The original model with a marble plate has therefore been supplemented by two more variants: you can choose between wooden or metal surfaces.

Living room in minimalist luxury style

Studiopepe: luxurious minimalism with a twist

In Milan, another Italian company called Studiopepe develops unconventional furniture and accessories for various living concepts. Its two founders, Arianna Lelli Mami und Chiara Di Pinto, think of themselves as “multi-tasking designers“: they love to try out new colours, shapes, and materials. Their curiosity has brought forth many unique pieces. The Pepe Marble Mirror, for example, stands out with its marble backdrop and golden finish – a combination that harmonises perfectly with minimalist luxury.

STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN: inspirations for any interior

At the headquarters of STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN in New York City und Miami, around 50 designers are constantly working on new innovations. Considering the number of creatives involved, you will likely find something that suits your own take on minimalist luxury interior.

Shiny or reflective surfaces, sparkling details, textured natural materials – STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN offers countless possibilities.


living room in mid-century modern style

Sophisticated elegance or straightforward simplicity? As our examples have illustrated, you can have both at the same time – and in the same space.

Minimalism and luxury don’t necessarily cancel each other out: with a few high-quality centrepieces, even tiny houses can feel like an upscale home.

What kind of luxurious details would you prefer? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below!

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