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Intelligent building technology with a clear design language: Minimalist architecture and smart solutions

The villa is located in a quiet residential district just a 15-minute walk away from Nuremberg’s historic centre. Renowned architecture firm att drew up the plans for this exclusive family home for their clients, using understated architecture that gives away little about the sophisticated building technology that awaits inside.

Clear design language with upmarket finishing touches

From the outside, the villa is a streamlined cube with a white surface finish. The side of the building facing the street is almost fully plastered, with the surface interrupted only to make way for narrow windows in portrait and landscape orientations.

The larch wood façade on the car port and garden side provides a homely, warm contrast to the modern finish. Here, large windows extending down to the floor and generous patio doors provide views across the garden. The light and airy living space is separated from the kitchen and dining area by a fireplace and a multimedia wall. The bright interior is further emphasised in the kitchen by the lighting under the cupboards, which look like they are floating above the floor. The first floor houses the residents’ private work and sleeping spaces. The other rooms may be used as children’s bedrooms in the future.

intelligence building system in Nürnberg, Germany.
Intelligent buildingsystem in a Nürnberg villa
Gira ZigBee Light Link wireless wall transmitter in a Smart Home in Nürnberg
Smart building control with Gira ZigBee next to a bookshelf.
Urban villa with minimalist architecture.

Carefully planned building technology to create a Smart Home for the future

The owners of this building planned ahead not only when deciding on the room layout, but also when choosing their building technology. A KNX system transforms the villa into a comfortable and secure Smart Home, with the ability to add functions with complete flexibility as the years go by. Pre-programmed lighting scenarios and blinds can be activated via the control devices and Gira pushbutton sensors. The waste water pumping system and heating are monitored via the KNX system, which automatically sends a text message to the residents if a fault is detected. All of the components of the multimedia system can also be controlled centrally, with the option to play video and sound on multiple screens in different rooms. The hallways and stairs are fitted with Gira motion detectors to automatically control lighting and conserve energy.

All of the control elements, including products from the Gira E2 design line, perfectly complement the modern interior.

KNX intelligence throughout

The automatic irrigation system in the garden is also controlled by the KNX system. The weather station and moisture sensors detect when the flower beds, lawn or plants need watering. The external doors and main gate can be opened using a Gira Keyless In keypad.

The convenient and carefully planned systems in this elegant urban villa show just how easy it is to create your perfect technological set-up with the KNX system.

What are your top priorities in creating your Smart Home? Let us know in the comments!

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