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Maison & Objet 2018: The top-five interior trends for 2019

When Paris calls, everyone answers: Interior designers, planners and design enthusiasts from all over the world meet twice a year at the exhibition centre in Paris Villepinte to cast their expert eyes across the latest collections from famous and fledgling designers. I went along to this year’s Maison & Objet in Paris in search of fresh interior inspiration and the most popular styles for next season. Read on for my verdict on the new trends and my own personal show highlights.

For the first time, this year’s show was split into two distinct areas: The “Maison” area, inspired by the imm interior design show in Cologne, houses a collection of vast show homes, while the “Objet” area focuses instead on accessories and individual pieces. Objet is also where to find the smaller, newer labels that don’t yet have a huge retail presence or online store. Both halls are a veritable paradise for design enthusiasts, packed to the rafters with the latest styles and materials that are going to be big next season.

Inspiration from afar: Feathers, baskets & fringing

This year, Paris has taken inspiration from North Africa: Warm, natural colours – think terracotta and camel brown – leather, and skilfully interwoven patchwork fabrics are dominant in the latest designs. These are the core ingredients of the global nomad trend, which takes elements of the nomadic culture and adapts them to our homes. Cushions, chairs and throws in natural, warm earthy tones, with Aztec and animal-inspired patterns and intricate fringing, are the must-have pieces of the new season.

The new look is complemented by macramé rugs, woven baskets of all shapes and sizes, and wooden masks adorning the walls. Labels including Ames and Audenza have really pulled off this look. The ethos of nomadic design is to create a homely, warm and welcoming atmosphere; as nomadic people move from place to place, they strive to make life in their transient living spaces as appealing and comfortable as possible. Nomadic tribes decorate their temporary homes with artistic handmade rugs and accessories.Its inherent imperfection is part of what makes this interior style so unique and special, so look for pieces with uneven threads and imperfect seams for an authentic look.

Creative and flexible storage space

Living space is in short supply and the number of single-person households is on the rise: The average apartment in Germany now offers around 46 square metres of living space, making it all the more important to create practical and useful storage. In Asian countries, there is even less living space available per person – so it is little wonder that a lack of storage is cited as a problem by apartment dwellers all over the world.

At Maison & Objet 2018, interior designers showed how they would tackle this global problem with creative and multi-purpose ready-made and custom solutions. From floor lamps that double up as umbrella stands or storage solutions with integrated trays for small items, to magnetic boards for accessories and adjustable shelving with flexible telescopic rails that can be adjusted and expanded as needed: The creatives and labels showcasing their work at the Paris show came up with solutions for creating space and storage in the most unexpected places.

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New colour palettes: Darks, pastels & mustard

This year’s second show was a colourful affair, refusing to limit itself to a single palette. While Scandinavian labels opted for dark and opulent colours like ultra-violet and indigo blue, dreamily creamy pastels created an effective contrast. Inspired by Miami’s South Beach, many exhibitors showcased unusual furniture, textiles and accessories in soft light blues, pinks, mint and apricot to form a candy-coloured rainbow. Gold accents and sophisticated details such as tropical fruits or palm prints are the perfect finishing touches to this style.

Reminiscent of colourful cupcakes or exotic seaside cocktails, this is an interior trend with huge potential for next spring and beyond.

If you prefer a more muted colour palette, you can’t go wrong with mustard: Large chairs and pouffes in dark yellow were real crowd-pleasers at Maison & Objet, and I have to admit falling in love with this trend myself. To accessorise with this colour like a pro, combine geometric patterns and shades of grey with mustard yellow for added impact.

Sumptuous velvet

The favourite material of countless designers was omnipresent in Paris: Velvet featured on almost every stand. Labels including Woud, Vitra and Made all jumped on board the trend, with velvet Chesterfield sofas still a clear favourite for the on-trend living room. In dark fir green, mustard or a more subtle grey, this soft and sumptuous material will be a big home trend for 2019.

Lamps & lighting – more is more

We all know that lamps are design objects that fulfil a higher function than simply illuminating our homes – if you’re not sure why, hop over to G-Pulse article “ 5 beautiful lamp creations with the potential to become modern classics” to find out.

Maison & Objet was an opportunity for manufacturers including CreativLight, Pulpo and Pholc to show off their innovative lighting designs. From spherical models projecting into the room to minimalist Scandinavian ceiling lights and extravagant light curtains, Paris covered every base. The lampshades of 2019 are eye-catching design objects, crafted in materials like rattan and raffia, as seen in the creations by Spanish label Tallerdelasindias. I also noticed that designers are increasingly integrating lamps into other objects, such as golden sculptures.

With sumptuous velvet furniture, cheerful candy-coloured palettes and dark and opulent shades all among designer’s top choices for next year, I can’t wait to see which of the Maison & Objet trends will be big news in 2019.

With sumptuous velvet furniture, cheerful candy-coloured palettes and dark and opulent shades all among designer’s top choices for next year, I can’t wait to see which of the Maison & Objet trends will be big news in 2019.

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