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Waterlovt: The self-sufficient luxury houseboat

Water is an important part of life in the Netherlands, so it is little wonder that the Dutch are known for their exceptionally creative solutions for life on the water. Inspired by the country’s many seas, canals and of course the North Sea coastline, Dutch entrepreneur Berend Lens van Rijn has combined the traditional craft of boat building with the cutting-edge expertise of start-ups in the fields of design and engineering to take the concept of the luxury houseboat to a whole new level.

Natural resources and ultra-modern technology

Despite its solid, concrete pontoon construction, the luxury houseboat appears to float light as a feather on the surface of the water. But Waterlovt is much more than just an elegant piece of architectural design. The Dutch engineers behind the vessel went to great lengths to use natural materials. The flooring, wall panels and decks – which are supported by white steel columns – were all handmade from high-quality wood. Large windows on all sides flood the interior with daylight and help to maintain a constant temperature.

Complete with elegant detailing and a contemporary finish, the interior of the houseboat is designed to deliver maximum comfort while minimising energy consumption.

A floating Smart Home

Houseboats are often criticised for their lack of power, internet and water connections – but that isn’t a problem for the self-sufficient Waterlovt model. The independent energy system generates its own power from a photovoltaic system on the roof and stores it in its own power store. The boat also has a desalination system to provide fresh drinking water, as well as a cooling and heating system. Organic waste is recycled by a boiler and converted into energy. The power network, climate control system and lighting are all integrated into an intelligent automation system, which can be expanded with additional functions as necessary.

waterlovt is designed with handmade material.
Waterlovt on the sea.
The waterlovt in holland has a sunny terrace.

Made to order: On-board entertainment tailored to you

From home cinema systems and satellite television to complete audio solutions, houseboat owners can kit out their floating home with all the technology they need. Customers also get complete design freedom when it comes to deciding on the interior finish. The water-borne apartments are made to order and can have two or four rooms across one or two floors, with prices varying depending on the selected extras and the size of the houseboat.

The company, which has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, has already built 20 of these luxury houseboats for international clients. With property and rent prices in cities continuing to rise unabated, riverside living may start to become a more attractive prospect for many people. The self-sufficient Waterlovt houseboat sets new standards in the market and is a pioneering example of how to create an exclusive yet sustainable lifestyle on the water.

Could you imagine living on a houseboat? Or do you view them as more of an unusual holiday home? Share your views in the comments.

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