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Luxurious houseboat: The perfect place to see more of the sea

Punta de Mar is a joint project by Spanish architects Mano de Santo and the KMZero Open Innovation Hub. This modern luxurious houseboat is designed for holidaymakers who want to experience the sea from a new perspective – with privacy and peace and quiet guaranteed. Away from the hustle and bustle of all the usual tourist destinations, the 74-square-metre, two-storey apartment comfortably accommodates two people.

The 40-square-metre bottom floor houses a spacious sleeping area and an outdoor terrace that extends out from the interior space. A narrow staircase leads to the top deck, which has an open-air chill-out lounge where guests can relax in the sunshine.

Surrounded by nature: A new perspective on the sea

Guests staying aboard the luxurious houseboat are guaranteed a great spot to sunbathe – and a room with a sea view comes by default. The glass walls flood light into the space, dissolving the physical boundaries between the interior and exterior. A vertical slat construction mounted on the outside of the glass shell ensures privacy without impacting on the 360-degree views of the surrounding natural environment, enabling guests to enjoy the waves from the comfort of their room.

The maritime climate – combined with the direct heat of the Spanish sun – made for a challenging brief for the architects involved in designing this glass-walled houseboat.

Luxurious houseboat inside the water.
Luxurious houseboat with Gira products.
Luxurios houseboat with a wall out of glass.

Light and glass: Key elements of a luxurious houseboat

To create a bright and airy feel in the interior, the external walls needed to let in as much light as possible – but they also had to protect guests against the blistering heat of the Spanish sun.

Enter American firm Guardian Glass, whose designers developed a special triple-glazed glass shell that lets light in while also insulating the building.

The clever use of light and glass continues in the minimalist interior. Glass elements in the bathroom, wardrobes and the headboard of the double bed create fascinating reflections and light effects that make the apartment feel even more spacious. And it’s not all about looks: The architects paid close attention to technology and functionality, too.

Luxurious houseboat with a special door intercom.

A luxurious houseboat with Smart Home technology on board

The luxurious houseboat is packed with smart technology to create a relaxing ambience at the touch of a button. Using a Smart Home app on their tablet or smartphone, guests can start the audio system and change the background music, select from a range of room fragrances and control the lighting. Unless the guests change the settings, the biodynamic lighting automatically adjusts to natural light levels over the course of the day.

In addition to the app, the fixed control unit Gira G1 can also be used to operate the on-board Smart Home technology. The sound, lighting and climate control system can all be controlled and configured with just a few taps.

To ensure that only registered guests can access the luxurious houseboat, h the Gira Keyless In keypad in an anthracite TX_44 frame is installed at the doors for secure keyless entry.

An on-board battery and inverter to power all of the smart technology on board is concealed under the wooden floor. The luxurious houseboat is also equipped with a gas connection and separate water tanks for the sanitary facilities and drinking water.

Punta de Mar has achieved something that is quite rare among holiday destinations – combining a vacation surrounded by nature with pure luxury. In this modern houseboat, you can relax at sea without missing out on any home comforts.

The visitors on the luxurious houseboat controll the smart system with the Gira HomeServer App.
On the luxurios houseboat is Gira Keyless In in use.
The luxurious houseboat bring the latest news to the visitors.

If you’re keen to explore beneath the water’s surface, too, why not incorporate some fascinating underwater architecture into your holiday plans?

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