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Lightment: The fusion of light and architecture

Every two years, the Light & Building trade fair showcases the opportunities resulting from the meaningful interaction between light and architecture. One of the fair’s regular exhibitors is the company Insta, a subsidiary of Gira and originator of the term “lightment”. Lightment combines architectural necessities with creative lighting possibilities. In the following three examples, we will show you just how versatile and effective an innovative lighting concept can be.

Programmable eye-catcher: The Lighthouse in Düsseldorf

The U-shaped building in north Düsseldorf forms part of an urban planning initiative to transform this area. Vast plots housing what were formally industrial building complexes are just waiting to be injected with new life. Either the existing building structure is being used and extended, or architects are designing new buildings on old land.
As the building’s name suggests, the hallmark of the Lighthouse is light (elements). Linear LED elements (light strips) trace the shape of the building. The highlight is the instalight 4010 light line elements which are adaptable and completely flexible with regard to colour. Around 89,000 LEDs arranged in roughly 4,500 modules allow lighting scenarios to be programmed. These could simply involve switching lights on and off in changing lighting conditions, but can also extend to ambitious configurations with colour changes and various motifs.

The special thing about this installation is that the operator can use the remote maintenance capability to decide which scenarios to call up and, depending on the occasion, choose a special motif for special public holidays, for example.

Modern light for traditional style: LA MAISON hotel, Saarlouis

Hotels have to win people over. They either enjoy a good reputation, or offer other benefits that inspire guests to make a booking. LA MAISON hotel exudes a special type of charm, successfully combining unusual architecture with modern technology. An old villa complex with an adjoining car park formed the basis for this project, which fared well internationally upon completion in 2015. Indeed, it was recently included in the list of the "8 European Hotels That Feel Like Home. Only Better" by the prestigious New York Times Newspaper. Both the Michelin-starred restaurant and the special lighting mood undoubtedly worked in the hotel’s favour. Outside the building, LEDLUX LS lighting inserts, to name but one example, help create the perfect atmosphere in the grounds. With a light temperature of 3,000 degrees Kelvin, the warm, orange-coloured light organically blends into a collage of vibrant colours given off by the predominantly green vegetation. The following video, which guides you through the building’s interior and grounds, gives a good impression of LA MAISON hotel.

LED projects by Insta

Light, waves, and light waves: The effect of the sea in the forest

Norddeich, a district in Norden, Lower Saxony, has become an insiders’ tip for holiday-makers. Indeed, the North Sea health resort acquired another attraction in 2014 – this time a visual highlight. “Light waves in the sea spa garden”, a government-funded project, is intended to transfer the aura of the North Sea onto the impressive forest formation in the spa garden. As a result, 39 cubic instalight 3050 RGBW spotlights are now casting a variety of lighting scenarios onto the natural backdrop. The highlight is that the current wind data is processed and transposed in the control system in real-time. Strong winds on the actual North Sea enable a rich blue light to play on the trees in the form of powerful waves and vice versa. It goes without saying that this system can also be used in any other constellation, both on a large and small scale.

Light isn’t just light

There are countless examples of eye-catching creations that fuse architecture and modern light elements. LED lighting elements have long since become more than just a way of bringing light into darkness. They help improve the energy footprint due to environmentally-friendly and energy-saving features, and provide interesting unique selling points through the infinite variations available. LA MAISON is proof that current properties can be upgraded with the right lighting mood. But you don’t have to open a hotel to achieve that result. The right lighting elements can also create the perfect atmosphere in your very own home.

Which lighting highlights would you install in your home? We look forward to receiving your comments.

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