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The latest smart lighting trends of Light + Building 2018

Lighting has long evolved into much more than just a source of light. Whether we’re talking LED lights or digital light management – new technologies have revolutionized lighting. Once again, the trade fair Light + Building demonstrated how modern technology expands the possibilities for light design. Here you can get an in-depth insight into the new smart lighting trends.

App and gesture control for more individualized lighting comfort

Modern lighting primarily focusses on people’s needs and wellbeing rather than the lighting object itself. Moreover, the boundaries between natural and artificial lighting are disappearing. Smart lights can independently produce various lighting settings and some models even come with the possibility of gesture or touch control. This makes it easy to regulate brightness and colour to fit any preference or atmosphere.

So lassen sich Helligkeit und Farbe auf einfache Weise regulieren – entsprechend den eigenen Vorstellungen und Bedürfnissen. So schaffen Sie passendes Licht zu jeder Stimmung.

An example of a light that offers these types of control possibilities, which are individually programmable, is the light pendant Estelle by Vanory. A special feature is that Estelle can also change the patterns or colours of its lamp shade – all controllable over an app. Through a touch function, the light can be dimmed and switched on and off. In this way, Estelle always creates the perfect mood. Would you like, for example, a slow, harmonious interplay of colours mimicking a fireplace? With Estelle you can choose this setting at the touch of a button. Estelle adjusts to your individual preferences and needs, creating the right lighting for every situation. The model already received an Innovative Interior Selection award as part of the ICONIC AWARDS 2018, as well as an Award Design Plus powered by Light + Building 2018.

The Italian light producer Icone Luce attracted the attention of the L+B visitors with a completely different model: Caveau. This light is recessed into the wall and has various colour settings which are controllable over an app. Additionally, it has an integrated motor, which can move the front disk to let the light escape through different openings. In this way, a unique eclipse that gives off a lively light, can be created by closing the lamp with the front disk. There is a wide selection of colours available for the front disk: gold leaf, cupper leaf, silver leaf, black, and white. The interior disk comes in the same colours, with the exception of black.

The company Komot has developed a particularly clever system for the lighting series Cos. These can not only be switched on and off just by gesture, but in the same way, the lights can be dimmed, or the colour of the light can be changed. This means that simple hand gestures, such as waving or wiping, are enough to regulate the light. In this way, you do not even need to get up from the table or look for the remote control to change the light for the right atmosphere. The light pendant creates a warm and pleasant light and demonstrates how modernity can be harmoniously combined with tradition.
Source: OGS Srl / YouTube

A global first: Smart and simple lighting with a light socket

At this year’s fair, the company Insta, a subsidiary of Gira and Jung, presented its innovation Plug & Light, which left an impression on the visitors. Plug & Light is a light socket that integrates light control with a power supply. With this easy and comfortable light control, interior light design becomes smart. A magnet is used to attach the lights, and once installed they can turn 360 degrees. An additional benefit is that they can be replaced even whilst being used. When combined with fitting lighting elements, Plug & Light provides controllable interior lighting.

Smart lighting – Even more intelligent in a network

Another trend focusses on integrating light – in whichever technical form – into a holistic smart control system. This means that lighting interacts either with other devices within a complex system or as a trigger for other devices. The light can, for instance, be automatically switched on when the blinds close in the evening. Programming such scenes can be done with the help of an expert electrician, who can customize everything to your personal vision and preferences.

Source: Gira / YouTube
A good source of information on all related topics is Connected Comfort, the leading provider in this market. Connected Comfort connects customers with companies like Gira, Brumberg, Dornbracht, Schüco, Warema, Loewe, Vaillant, Revox and Viega to bring individual wishes and expectations of enhanced living comfort to life. The realistic 3D animation Inspire by Connected Comfort helps planners and architects, and convinces clients, with its life-like animations of the various possible lighting scenarios. In addition, 3D glasses provide the possibility to experience indirect and direct lighting options.

Smart lighting concepts with voice control

It was impossible to overlook Alexa, Siri & Co. at the fair. The digital voice assistants have already become part of numerous households. With one sentence, users can adjust their lighting or music. Soon the voice assistant of Amazon will become even busier – from June onwards Alexa will also be able to communicate with the Gira X1 server. Not only will lighting be voice-controlled, but the opening and closing of blinds and selection of various lighting scenes can be activated using voice commands. In this way, you can comfortably manage your home, even when you do not have your tablet or smartphone around.

Smart home control with your voice.

Are your already using smart lighting solutions in your home? Share your experiences with us!

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