Smart light planning: How to show every room in its best light

There’s much more to lighting than simply flicking a switch to the on or off position – in fact, there is a whole world of possibilities between these two extremes. Alongside its aesthetic role, lighting has practical uses too – perhaps the most obvious and crucial being helping us to see. From a purely pragmatic point of view, we could just place a single bright light in every room and that would be enough. But there are very few people who apply that strategy – and with good reason. Lighting is an art form, and has a huge impact on how we feel in a room, providing us with the light we need to see but also setting the tone for the atmosphere.

A range of possibilities: The most important types of light

Factors such as light colour and brightness, as well as the type and position of the light source itself, have a huge impact on the atmosphere and mood in a room. The design and functionality of the lamp also have a role to play: Why is the lamp required and what does it need to be able to do?

To get your lighting concept right, you need to plan your lighting in advance. In the bedroom, many people prefer a warm and cosy atmosphere. But in the majority of homes, the bedroom is a multifunctional space, so you’ll need practical lighting for when you’re not just relaxing – as anyone who’s ever mixed up their blue and black socks in the morning will tell you. And what about the hallway? While you might want a dimmed orientation light to make your way to the bathroom at night, you’ll need something brighter during the day.

When planning your lighting, you’ll need to consider the three types of light: Basic lighting, zone lighting and mood lighting.

  • Basic lighting is what helps you find your way around, illuminating entire rooms, staircases and hallways.
  • Zone lighting is intended to illuminate a specific area,
  • while mood lighting is what creates a cosy, welcoming atmosphere in your home.
Smart light

Our tip: Opt for lamps that combine different types of lighting. The Plug & Light light socket outlet featured by Gira can be connected to a range of different top units that you can dim and rotate by 360°, enabling you to transform your zone lighting into indirect mood lighting in an instant.

As well as considering the different types of lighting, you’ll also need to think about your choice of bulbs. In living areas, most people opt for LEDs, halogen bulbs or energy-saving bulbs.

  • LEDs are powerful light-emitting diodes that can provide natural or coloured light, making them ideal for drawing attention to specific areas or creating a certain mood.
  • If you need bright white light that’s easy on the eye, halogen bulbs are the best option.
  • However, energy-saving bulbs are more economical in terms of power consumption; they consume up to 80 percent less energy than traditional light bulbs.
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Interior illumination: Key points to consider when planning your lighting

If you want a lighting system that enables you to keep your options open, then smart lighting will be perfect for you. With smart technology, you can adjust your lighting to suit your needs at any time and from any location: You can choose from a potentially unlimited range of complex light scenes with complete convenience and flexibility. Expecting guests and want to create an energising and lively atmosphere in the living room? Or maybe you want to set the tone for a peaceful evening of relaxation? With a smart lighting system, you can switch between your individually configured ‘moods’ in seconds.

Convenient and versatile: The possibilities of smart lighting

When it comes to control options, there are almost as many choices as there are for the lighting itself: You can decide to control your lighting using voice commands, manually using a switch or automatically with the Gira motion detector. Via app, you can even access your lighting systems remotely when you’re not at home.

Speaking of which: Smart lighting control also enables you to simulate your presence when you’re away, to put potential intruders off the idea of breaking in. Clever, right?

Smart Home control relaxed on your couch.
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So, as you can see, each room in your home needs its own lighting concept tailored to the purpose of the space. Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll shed light on how to illuminate your home room by room – from night lights in your childrem's bedroom to mirror lighting in the bathroom.

In our series of articles on this topic, we’ll share information, tips and products that will help you plan your lighting – so don’t miss out.

Where in your home would you like to redesign your lighting concept? Let us know in the comments!

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