Practical & child-friendly: The right lighting for kids’ rooms

A kids' room is a very special place in every home. Different standards apply here than in the other rooms because this room is geared solely to the needs of a child. The ideal lighting creates a cosy atmosphere for playing and provides support for learning. It protects your darlings from tripping and provides orientation and a safe feeling at night. Depending on the time of day, room area and activity, different kinds of kids' room lighting can be placed. We show you how you can best meet these requirements.

Bright & friendly: The optimal lighting for playing in kids' rooms

Sufficiently bright ambient lighting is particularly important in children's rooms when they are playing. A single ceiling luminaire would probably provide enough light, but it would be difficult to create a cosy atmosphere. Optimal, however, is a combination of several warm white and glare-free light sources distributed throughout the children's room.

Our tip: Install the lighting at different heights and in different corners of the room. This way, light and shadow overlap and harsh contrasts are blurred - the room looks soft and inviting.By the way: light colours on the walls, light coloured furniture and floor reflect the light optimally and thus provide more brightness. Moreover, light furnishings make the room seem more spacious, so the children don't feel cramped when playing.

A particularly important point in the children's room is that the lighting must not pose any risk to your offspring. All movable luminaires should be stable especially when the children are still small. So, in the early years, it is better to do without fancy arc lamps and other models that invite climbing. Glass lampshades are also not recommended, as they could break during play. When installing the lamp, also check that parts of the lamp in the children's reach don’t heat up too much.

Natural & flexible: Suitable kids' room lighting for learning

Regardless of the activity, your little ones love doing – writing, painting or handicrafts – you should provide bright, radiant lighting at the desk. This is easy on the eyes and promotes concentrated work. The best light for working is daylight. If possible, place the learning area near a window and arrange the desk so that the light falls sideways on the work surface and the writing hand does not cast any disturbing shadows.

To supplement natural lighting, you should set up suitable zone lighting at the desk. For this purpose, we recommend a swivelling and rotating table lamp that can be adapted to different activities. Alternatively, pendant luminaires can be used, as they are often found above workplaces. A neutral white light source of about 3000 Kelvin has an activating effect and supports concentration. Make sure that the area around the desk is not in darkness either. For this, wall luminaires can be installed as these illuminate the area around and relax the eyes

Soft & dim: Smart lighting for a safe feeling when falling asleep.

After a busy day, relaxation is the order of the day for little world explorers. The smart Sleep Buddy from Philips Hue helps them to get some rest. It dims the lights in the children's room in the evening and thus sets a gentle transition instead of the hard "lights out!" routine. This way, your offspring learns when the day is over and it's time to sleep.

Darkness frightens many children. This is quite natural and usually subsides as they grow older. To give your little ones a safe feeling until then, kids' room lighting should include night light. The smart orientation light from Gira ensures that it never gets pitch black in the room. It casts a discreet corridor of light onto the floor, creating indirect lighting that doesn't dazzle. Particularly practical: A sensor switches the light on automatically at dusk and off again in the morning.

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Touchless & glare-free: Night-time lighting in the children's room

When going to the toilet at night or to the parents’ bedroom, a little more brightness is called for. The Gira Sensotec switch automatically provides pleasantly dimmed light as soon as your child approaches it in the room.

With a simple hand movement directly at the switch, the lighting can then be set to full brightness as needed. This way, your offspring can find their way to the bathroom and back to bed without stumbling.

Von der Idee zum Produkt: der Sensotec

With the right lighting for playing, learning and sleeping, the children's room can become an absolute oasis of well-being. Would you also like to put other rooms in your home in the best possible light?

Then look at our series of articles on the topic of light: there you will find numerous ideas and tips on the perfect lighting for the kitchen, stairwell and the like.

Which lighting will make your children's room cosy, according to you? We look forward to your comments.

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