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Levitating light bulbs – stylish home accessories with a wow-factor


Levitating light bulbs – not just functional

Light bulbs are only supposed to cast light? Far from it – with the right lighting you can create stylish accents in your home. Anyone looking for an attractive light source for their living or sleeping quarters is faced with a wide variety of products to choose from. There no longer is a need for elaborate lampshades to turn a light into a special eye catcher. The levitating 'Flyte' light bulbs, designed by Swedish designer Simon Morris, are particularly popular.

The innovation consists of two parts: a base plate made of oak, ash, or walnut wood, containing an integrated electromagnet, and the light bulb itself, whose magnetic base ensures that the two parts repel each other, enabling the light bulb to 'levitate'. The magnet is activated through a power supply.

Levitating home accessories

More airborne elegance: Light bulbs are only the beginning

A regular light bulb on its own may appear plain. But its magnetic levitation and wide-ranging models really makes Flyte special. Whether you decide to place the levitating light bulbs in a particular corner of the room or spread them throughout the entire living area – be sure that they will attract the admiration of your visitors. So why not go one step further and make more home accessories airborne?

Why levitating room décor?

The airborne design is based on simple physics and can therefore be used for other home accessories. So, in addition to Flyte, Morris has developed a levitating planter: Lyfe. As with Flyte, Lyfe levitates by means of magnets. The plant rotates as well – in this way, it receives an equal amount of light on all sides. Lyfe can be ordered for 249 USD. Lyfe is not the only levitating plant that is currently on the market: The Air Bonsai also provides an alternative to the traditional planter.

What do you make of these levitating room accessories?

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