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Smart technology for everyday use: The latest gadgets for 2019

Smart gadgets are already enriching our lives in so many ways. In the bathroom, we can get ready in front of smart mirrors, while innovative monitoring systems look after our homes when we are away and digital refrigerators help us with our shopping remotely. The world of technology is ever-changing, with waves of new products flooding the market at all times, so we have put together an overview of our favourites to help you keep pace. Who knows, you might even get some gift inspiration for that hard-to-buy-for family member!

2019’s latest gadgets: SmartDuvet – the temperature-controlled duvet for a great night’s sleep

Have you ever argued with your partner about how hot or cool your bed needs to be? Or do you sometimes feel too hot or too cold under the covers?

The revolutionary smart duvet by SmartDuvet is designed to meet the needs of anyone who likes to be toasty warm as well as those who prefer to keep things a little cooler. From the system’s app, you can set your ideal temperature and send it to the box tucked away under your bed. The system can heat up one side of the bed while simultaneously cooling down the other. Tiny pores in the duvet help to keep air circulating during the night. The pleasant cooling effect is achieved through the application of a naturally occurring phenomenon: The duvet boosts the body’s natural evaporation process that is already taking place beneath the covers, without the need to install a loud compressor under the bed. Another handy feature: The SmartDuvet bed makes itself in the mornings.

Quelle: Diply / YouTube

Digital well-being: Smart skin cleansing & headphones with personal audio profiling

In many countries across the world, 12 May is Mother’s Day. But what should you buy your mum or mother-in-law as a gift if you want to get something a bit different from the traditional bunch of flowers? A make-up set? A massage voucher? Think again: In 2019, gifts for women are going smart with innovative new skincare technology such as the “Comper Smarkin” cleansing tool. The gadget itself looks like a shower head, but can be used like a massager on the skin. With regular use, microvibrations, LEDs, electromagnetic stimulation and radio frequency technology work hand in hand to tackle common skin problems. The massage head of the gadget is made of skin-friendly silicone and can be used in conjunction with a range of cosmetic products. And if your mum likes her gadgets smarter still, the associated app completes the package by providing helpful skincare tips.

Nura’s “Nuraphones” are guaranteed to be a hit with any music lover or audio book fan. The device combines over-ear headphones with in-ear plugs to produce crystal-clear sound with zero external noise. For an optimum audio experience, the unit creates a personal audio profile before your first use. To do so, a tiny microphone inside the headphones analyses the motion of the sound waves entering your ear. The motion sensor in the headphones automatically detects when you put them on and take them off and switches the music on and off accordingly. This system also helps conserve the battery, which lasts an impressive 30 hours on a single charge.

The earphones from "Nuraphones" are a example for Smarte Gagdtes.

Smart tech for pets: Footloose – the automatic cat litter box

In 2019, technology is set to change the way we care for our pets. Footloose – a smart, self-cleaning cat litter box – is one such exciting invention from the USA. When the cat has used the potty and exited the box, the litter tray rotates to sieve out the waste and soiled litter. At the end of the process, just clean cat litter remains. The clumps land in a container at the base of the unit, where they are easy to dispose of; a filter system prevents any unpleasant smells from escaping.

The Footloose unit really comes into its own when used in conjunction with the smartphone app and the sensors fitted in the potty: These sensors measure and record the cat’s weight and daily movements, providing valuable data that helps you monitor your pet’s health.

This video gives you the full low-down on how the system works.

Quelle: J.A.R. TUBE / YouTube

Plan more effectively with “The Every Day Calendar”

Find it hard to remember birthdays? To make sure you’re never in your family’s bad books again, you need this next gadget in our line-up: “The Every Day Calendar”.

Each day on the calendar is represented by a single LED light, giving you something to focus on even if your diary is full. Note down birthdays or things you need to do on a piece of paper to keep them within easy reach.

Each day that you complete the task you’ve set for yourself, you get to press the LED for that day on your Every Day Calendar – and the light remains on for that day. The more days pass with you achieving your goals, the brighter the calendar shines. The Every Day Calendar is a great gift for school children or students who need to make studying part of their everyday routine. At the end of each day, if they’ve met their study goals, they can light up the relevant LED.


Something for tea and coffee lovers: Gina – the smart, app-controlled coffee machine

Got a coffee craving after digesting all the high-tech information in this article? Well, now you can brew your coffee digitally too. With smart coffee machine Gina, your favourite coffee is just a tap away, however you choose to prepare your drink.

The Gina unit, which has won a Red Dot Design Award, consists of a coffee pot and an app, which provides precise information on brewing time, water volume and coffee amount to create the perfect beverage. You can also discuss your creations with other fans of coffee and gadgetry in the online community.

Gina, the smart coffeemaschine, is a latest gadget für the coffeeindustrie.
Gina is a latest Gadget which is good for tee and coffee lovers.
Gina can you use with a special app.

Levia – the levitating desk lamp for that person who has everything

Choosing gifts for siblings and friends is always tricky – you need to find something stylish and cool, but also practical. The “Levia” desk lamp might be just what you’re looking for. The lamp has a magnet that keeps the bulb floating below the fitting; the electricity is transferred via induction.

The magnets are arranged so that the bulb is immediately pulled upwards if the unit is jolted. The minimalist design – featuring a rubberised marble foot and streamlined stem – is an eye-catching piece even without the levitation effect.

Levia is a smart desk lamp with magnet bull.

A gadget for the grillers: iGrill from Weber

Everybody enjoys a good barbecue when the mercury starts to rise during the summer months. But entertaining guests and cooking the steak just right can be a challenge; you’ll need great time management and organisation skills. With the iGrill from Weber, you can use your smartphone to keep an eye on what’s going on on your grill.

The smart thermometer can be connected to up to four stainless steel probes to measure the cooking temperature of your meat and vegetables and send the data to your mobile device via Bluetooth – putting all the information you need for a successful barbecue at your fingertips. The Weber app is available in the Android and iOS stores.

Quelle: Weber / YouTube

Gadgets for kids: Teppino – the smart play mat

Play mats have always been an essential item in any household with small children. In 2019, the play mat is getting a digital upgrade from Teppino. The new play mats depict exciting scenes – covering everything from farms to cities – to inspire imagination. The digital version of this classic toy includes QR codes hidden behind red dots.

Scanning these codes using a smartphone or tablet unlocks related multimedia content on the device, including explanatory videos, game ideas and stories. Teppino play mats are a great way to bridge the gap between the digital and analogue worlds. There are even more educational gadgets for children in our gadgets for kids article.

Just how “smart” you want your everyday life to be is an individual choice that only you can make. But all ten of the digital gadgets we have included in this overview are guaranteed to make your life easier, and will make a great gift for any occasion.

Here at G-Pulse, we like to help you stay on the pulse of the latest gadgets and tech innovations to enhance your day-to-day life – and to give you a glimpse of what might be on the horizon for the future.

Do you have any gadget-related tip-offs you would like to share with other readers? Let us know in the comments!

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