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Lagom living: The Scandi trend set to replace hygge

Hot on the heels of Danish lifestyle trend hygge, lagom is the latest in a wave of concepts to make its way from Scandinavia and into central Europe, with a promise of making us all happier and more satisfied with our lives. Unlike its Danish predecessor, lagom is not a style or about creating a certain feeling – it’s a way of life. There is no equivalent word in English, but roughly translated the Swedish term means “just right” or “not too much and not too little”. If you live lagom, you strive to find a happy medium between minimalism and consumerism, and live a moderate, balanced and fair life. Lagom also means making conscious and sustainable lifestyle choices to increase your happiness and sense of inner satisfaction.

Lagom living is sustainable living

The concept of lagom also has an impact on how its Swedish proponents design their interiors.

Lagom living means making conscious furniture and décor choices with sustainability in mind. The lagom home is styled with moderation and a clear purpose. While Danish hygge promotes an abundance of candles, cushions and blankets to achieve ultimate cosiness and comfort, the Swedes take a more restrained approach. Although it involves a more minimalist lifestyle, lagom doesn’t mean going without. Instead, it’s about opting for quality over quantity: Rather than accessorising your home with lots of different items, lagom style relies on a few key high-quality pieces to set the tone. Furniture made from sustainable natural resources such as wood and wool is ideal for lagom living. Opting for natural stone is also very lagom.

Lagom living trend example: the grey cushions compliment the beautiful flowers
Lagom living trend example: Light natural stone walls in the living room work beautifully with dark, contemporary furniture.
Lagom living trend example: Wooden wall panelling

Taking a stand against excess

Lagom design styles range from puristic minimalism to natural elegance. The colour palette is subtle, characterised by natural earthy tones or understated greys, with accessories in harmonising tones from the same family of colours. Author Lola A. Åkerström describes lagom as “a clear statement against all forms of excess, exaggeration, unnecessary sensationalism and showing off” – and this is also true of lagom in the home. Despite the stripped-back aesthetic, functionality and comfort are still essential aspects of lagom living. The Swedes opt for multifunctional furniture pieces that fulfil a clear, useful purpose in their day-to-day lives.

Lagom: The opposite of going without?

While it’s true that rooms packed with furniture and accessories and bright colours are absolute no-gos for lagom living, the lagom interior trend is not the same as the minimalism movement. Unlike lagom-styled interiors, empty rooms seem cold and austere. Elegant and useful accessories create a homely feel without going overboard; after all, lagom is a lifestyle of balance and satisfaction. Lagom living creates happiness and balance in uncertain times, transforming the home into a place where we feel we have everything we need – no more, and no less.

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