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Kitchen Farming: Smart gardening in your own kitchen

We’ve all tried to cultivate a little greenery in our kitchen. Sadly, efforts like these aren’t often successful. That pot of basil from the garden centre doesn’t usually last too long on the windowsill. However, smart kitchen farming ensures that these mishaps are a thing of the past. All thanks to a sophisticated and smart planting system which ensures a successful harvest.

Kitchen farming: The new lifestyle trend

Kitchen farming reinforces the desire for sustainable, conscious and healthy nutrition. For many, cultivating one’s own fresh ingredients free from contaminants and pesticides is the dream. What’s more, there’s no packaging waste or extra transport that pollutes the environment. And of course, it also serves as a regular source of nutritious food, straight from your kitchen.


Innovative indoor farming means maximum comfort. You don’t need a green thumb or even special knowledge. Regular watering isn’t an issue, either. Smart systems can automatically take care of supplying your plants with light and water. Monitored and controlled by an app, all you’ve got to do is actually harvest the plants yourself.

And there’s another plus: Kitchen farming is completely independent of the weather and the seasons. Forget about periods of drought, overwatering, frost or the lack of sunlight. None of these can harm your small kitchen garden.

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OGarden Smart: Innovative indoor farming with a modern design

Canadian startup OGarden’s success shows the potential kitchen farming has to offer. The project was financed via a crowdfunding platform, and within only six minutes. The most unique and special feature of this smart garden is probably its ring-shaped structure. This makes the OGarden Smart something of a futuristic eye-catcher for your kitchen. Plants rotate continuously around an LED light source at the centre, which simulates sunlight.


Watering is fully automatic, too. All you need to do is periodically fill the water tank. Under the planting ring, there is additional storage spaces for growing seedlings. The OGarden Smart can hold up to 90 fruit and vegetable plants at a time. On average, two to four plants can be harvested daily. Sounds like a lot of healthy meals, doesn’t it?

A real eye-catcher for your kitchen. Source: OGarden

Vertical kitchen farming, with Plantcubes from Agrilution

“Vertical farming” refers to the cultivation plants in several levels above one another. The concept was originally developed for local and space-saving supply in urban agglomerations. Agrilution’s “Plantcube” now means that you can bring this ingenious idea into your own kitchen. The Plantcube is about the same size as a standard refrigerator and can stand freely in the room or be integrated into an existing kitchen unit.


After laying out the seed mats yourself, the Plantcube does the rest. With LED lighting and automated irrigation, the smart system also has a sensor-based climate control system which provides plants with optimal growth conditions. The entire thing is controlled via an app, providing insight into the cultivation process and ensuring that nothing stands in the way of your daily harvest.

Agrilution vertical kitchen farming

Rise Gardens: Smart kitchen farming with a stylish plant shelf

Another smart garden based on the principle of vertical farming are the smart plant racks from Rise Gardens, a Chicago start-up. What’s particularly interesting about this solution is that the system’s open structure makes it look more like a decorative piece of furniture than a high-tech appliance. This makes it a great addition to your kitchen, from a visual point of view.

Other than that, this structure looks very similar to the other products presented. Much of the work here is also automated through smart

technology. An app keeps an eye on all relevant parameters, notifying you when water or nutrients need to be replenished and when harvest time is approaching.

Kitchen farming creates optimal growth conditions for maximum yield, all with minimum effort. By growing plants indoors, you’re not only doing something good for yourself, but for the environment.

And to round it off: there’s nothing more satisfying than eating food you’ve sown and harvested yourself!

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Kitchen farming – does that sound like something you’d like to try? Let us know in the comments!

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