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Splashing the walls: Exciting kitchen colours that rejuvenate hearth & home

In many ways, it’s difficult to go wrong with white. Yet even Bauhaus master Paul Klee confessed his love of colour during his time at the Dessau Art School. “Colour has me,” he said, “it has me forever.” Many of us also feel the same way. Kitchen manufacturers have started to cop on: many are starting to bring more varieties of kitchen colours into the picture.

The fascination of colour

Colour has long been seen as primarily the domain of interior design. Yet

it also plays an important role in architecture. In fact, the famous 20th century architect Le Corbusier developed a unique colour

system especially for colour design. It consists of 63 soft colours, many of these are still in use today. Kitchen manufacturer Leicht has made the architect’s colours an integral part of his system, which now serves to extend the individual scope for kitchen and living room design. What’s great is that all shades of Corbusier’s series can easily be combined with one another. Really, there’s no limit to the scope of the colour design you choose.

pastal kitchen colours woman on phone
plants and kitchen colours
kitchen colours against white

Kitchen colours: Somewhere between art and design

Another kitchen manufacturer, Schüller, has also been inspired by more diverse kitchen colours. Their series next125 has a range of kitchen fronts in saffron, jaguar green, ruby red and indigo blue. Schüller’s “Biella” collection also goes to show just how versatile these colour concepts can be by espousing a kitchen in the trendy, powdery pastel colour rose satin. In combination with cabinet modules in anthracite and black, this manufacturer has brought a once old-fashioned pink tone into contemporary kitchen design.

We also see colourful kitchens from “Mix and Match”, straight from the Belgian creative duo Muller van Severen. Looks-wise, it takes a completely different direction. Their kitchens are based on Ikea cabinets, complemented by custom-made fronts in six bold colours, marble worktops and copper handles. White, blue, apricot, green, red and brown can be combined as desired. Match is distributed by the Danish design company Reform. There is a showroom in both Berlin and Cologne where you can see for yourself the variety of colours available for kitchen fronts.

The next 125 in the saffron yellow colour.
The next 125 series in red.
Colourful kitchen from a belgian duo

Classic Blue: Colourful kitchens following the style of the Pantone colour 2020

We also have good news for fans of the Pantone Colour of 2020. The Danish manufacturer of made-to-measure kitchens, “Nikolai Bo Küchen Bespoke”, has long has it as a part of their portfolio. The cupboard fronts of the kitchen "Svanholmsvej" are made from solid oak, manufactured in the style of Danish furniture design of the 1920s and covered with dark
blue linoleum. Worktop and mouldings are made of natural wood and create a natural contrast.

A little tip for perfectionists: If you want to adapt your switches to match your kitchen colours, why not try out different design frames? You can use the Gira Design Configurator to decide which frame designs and colour variants would suits your living environment best.

the kitchen Svanholmsvej in blue color
blue kitchen made from solid oak
A Socket shortage is a common problem in the kitchen. Use the Profile 55 as a smart living product.

Fittings and equipment: Curtain open for colour

You’ve got an intense interest in using different kitchen colours now, but perhaps you’re not sure where to start. We would advise beginning with a single highlight. For example, why not try out the

module Samsung refrigerator from the Bespoke collection? With this fridge, you can choose more than size and material, you can also have your choice of colour: navy blue, mint, pink or yellow. The variant is up to you.

Customize your own fridge. Source: YouTube / Samsung

Even taps won’t escape the exciting variety of kitchen colours out there! You can choose an eye-catcher from the Grohe Colors collection, which are not difficult to install. The Essence tap is enticing with its wide range of colours and is particularly flexible, all thanks to the 360- degree rotating spring hose. The “Zoe” single-lever tap from Swiss manufacturer KWC is another potential kitchen luxury, with various functions such as integrated lighting and minimalist design. Additionally, it comes in black, glacier white and stainless steel.

Did we forget the kitchen sink? No we didn’t. There are many now which are available in colour. You can, for example, choose the K700 undermount sink from Grohe. Colours include copper and gold, which are perfect complements to the manufacturer’s fittings.

The “Zoe” single-lever tap in black.
The KWC single-lever tap in stainless steel.
A great complement to your kitchen colours: the K700 in gold.
Tableware in terrazzo design

Coloured kitchens in terrazzo look

One aspect of the kitchen that really makes colour stand out are kitchen worktops done in a terrazzo look. Many of them perfectly complement coloured kitchen fronts. Originally, terrazzo was a floor material which had coloured aggregates such as marble, granite or limestone integrated into it.

Today, terrazzo is produced in many different ways and is used in many

areas. Anyone who is a fan of the material trend can therefore also combine crockery to match the kitchen: The London-based ceramic designer Sevak Zargaria produces beautiful tableware in terrazzo design with his Unearthed collection.

For those who want to create highlights and have the courage to use colour, all doors will be open in 2020.

Can you get used to the idea of a coloured kitchen? Which colour tone do you have in mind? Let us know in the comments!

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