From natural to high-tech, find out the key interior colour trends for 2021

Colour experts pick colour trends year after year based on the social currents and human behaviours of the time. For example, the colour of the year 2020, Classic Blue, from the Pantone Institute stands for the colour of the sky, it calms the mind and creates a sense of security. But, where is the interior colour industry heading in 2021? In this article, we present to you the colour shades that are likely to be popular next year.

Colour Trends 2021 at NCS: "Things are changing!”

For the Swedish colour institute, NCS Colour Academy, nothing remains as it was at the beginning of this decade.

Due to climate change and urbanization, the future lies in the unknown and it scares people. Thus, we, as a society, prefer to take refuge in virtual worlds. "The more uncertain the world is, the more beautiful our fantasies have to be," say the colour experts at NCS, bundling the 2021 colour trend in the Virtual Relativity colour palette. While shimmering surfaces in pastel green, blue and rose red are our gateway to this virtual world, dark shades such as deep blue and olive green denote the present. As such, colour gradients and combinations connect both worlds.

Check out this video to find out the upcoming colour trends in 2021. Source: YouTube / Coloro

Trend Institute WGSN: A.I. Aqua becomes new colour trend 2021

The experts at the trend institute, WGSN, also dared to take a look into the crystal ball. Last year, they predicted the almost clinical green shade for 2020, Neomint. Shades of green and blue are expected to accompany us in 2021 as well. The blue shade, A.I. Aqua, will be the centre of attention, creating a cool, almost technological effect.

It comes as no surprise since today, more than ever, 5G technologies, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and smart home technology have a great impact on our lives. Blue, the typical colour of the Internet, is a symbol for this. Anyone who’s interested to test the colour at their home can give Michel Charlot's Roll-Up container made of PVC-free TPU material a try. It can be used as a plant basket, a collection container for PET bottles or a wastepaper basket.

Trend researcher Lidewij Edelkoort: 2021 turns green

Dutch trend researcher, Lidewij Edelkoort, proposes a slightly different tone for 2021. She predicts green as the trend colour for 2021, possibly for an entire decade. For her, green is a symbol of a sustainable society and a hopeful future.

If you wish to bring nature into your home through colour, you can start with your walls. Wall colours in soft shades of green can create an interior environment that is based on nature. The "Color by Nature" collection from the paint manufacturer, Farrow & Ball, includes two variants, which were developed along with the Natural History Museum, London.

Pantone sees colour trends 2021 inspired by nature

At Pantone, the 2021 colour trends sound almost magically botanical. For example, they are called Fairy Wing, Iced Mango and Dream of Cotton, and are based on natural dyes and recycled products. In addition to green tones of forests and meadows, we can look forward to colour explosions in radiant shades of nobility blue, red maple and winery.

If you already feel like having a dash of colour in your living room, start with this all-plastic chair with floor runners, Tip Ton by Vitra. It’s not only an eye-catcher because of its striking appearance and strong colours, but its special design also helps strengthen the muscle activity in the abdominal and back area. Imagine how good it can be for you while you work from home.

Switches that fit every trend

No matter which trend you end up following for your interiors, the matching switches from the Gira portfolio can help you perfect your furnishings down to the last detail. The Gira design configurator with augmented reality offers you the possibility of virtually trying out all switch variants and colours in your living space and testing them without obligation.

Nature and high-tech play an increasingly important role in our lives, so much so that these two together are predicted to form a new identity in the future. But the most important thing is to see what you feel more strongly connected with. Choose the shades that appeal to you the most. The 2021 colour trends are diverse and reflect many needs. We are curious to see which colour shades will actually reign the coming year.

Colour trends 2021: virtual reality or natural beauty? Let us know your favourite colours in the comments section below.

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