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G-Pulse reports: The ISH 2019 trends

Every two years, over 2500 exhibitors from Germany and abroad descend on Frankfurt to showcase their latest innovations. From 11 to 15 March 2019, the trade fair site was transformed into the world’s largest showroom for building technology and bathroom innovations. I visited ISH 2019 to see what all the fuss was about – and to report back on all the latest trends.

ISH 2019 breaks records

According to the final trade fair report from Frankfurt, this year’s show attracted over 190,000 visitors from 161 countries – proving that energy and plumbing are highly relevant topics all around the world.

This year’s ISH broke all the records, attracting visitors from a larger number of different nations than ever before. The majority of the 2,500 exhibitors came from abroad. In his closing report, Wolfgang Marzin, Chairman of the Executive Board at Messe Frankfurt, concluded:

“This year’s ISH once again highlighted the event’s capacity to connect international players in the sector. It is only through networking that this industry will be able to achieve its political climate protection targets – by connecting face-to-face and in person at the ISH.”
Quelle: ISHfrankfurt / YouTube

Getting courageous with colour: Bathrooms go bright

A number of exhibitors showcased an ISH 2019 trend that many interior design aficionados had already seen coming: The bathroom is going bright. In terms of colour trends, there was something for everyone at ISH 2019: Dornbracht presented taps in pastel pink and mint green, while Italian manufacturers like Fir Italia and apm opted for gold and matt black. As our bathrooms are increasingly viewed as personal spaces for retreat and relaxation, colour trends are permeating this formerly purely functional zone and creating a more homely and inviting atmosphere.


Alongside eye-catching fittings in bright on-trend colours and elegant matt metallics such as copper and rose gold, walls and tiles are increasingly taking on a more colourful appearance too. The “Pop up my bathroom” colour concept exhibit in one of the exhibition halls showcased a wide range of combinations, with a different programme of presentations and discussions held each day of the event. Alongside tonal colour palettes, the design experts hosting the exhibit also suggested a clever blend of warm and cool colours. If there was ever any doubt, their presentation proved that hygge has well and truly arrived in the bathroom.

ISH 2019
ISH 2019
ISH 2019
ISH 2019 trends
ISH 2019
ISH 2019

The shower of the future: Individual luxury

Extraordinary showers designed specifically to harmonise with our individual requirements and lifestyles also featured high on the agenda at this year’s ISH. Manufacturer Hansa presented the “Emotion Wellfit”, a shower system with six different types of water jet, all of which can be complemented by custom light effects, hot steam and fragrance. The shower is designed to work with the human biorhythm: The user can programme different scenarios depending on their mood, with stronger jets of water in the mornings and a more gentle, relaxing flow in the evenings or at the weekends.

In the adjacent hall, Dornbracht presented the “Aquamoon”, a spa experience shower that was first introduced as an experimental prototype at the ISH two years ago and is now ready for a full market launch. This product is also designed with individual needs in mind – transforming the shower into an energising and multi-sensory oasis away from the stresses of day-to-day life. The Aquamoon shower features a large dome-shaped head that dispenses a gentle flow of water. Depending on your individual preferences, the water temperature, flow type and dome lighting vary to create an experience that is truly unique to you.

Quelle: Dornbracht / YouTube

The unusual “Melograno” shower” by Italian label Fima also pulled in the crowds: This product has multiple spherical heads that look like lampshades, all suspended at different heights.

An eye-catching design that you might not even recognise as a shower at first glance.

ISH 2019 trends: New shapes & materials

Many manufacturers are distancing themselves from the traditional shapes associated with fixtures and fittings to create a modern new look in the bathroom. Taps have been upgraded to become an important component of the design; sinks are increasingly being designed to make an artistic statement. The countertop basins from Alape, available in a deep midnight blue or a matt Mediterranean green, really caught my eye.

Even the “trap” under the sink – a functional component that is usually ignored – is increasingly taking on an aesthetic role as part of the overall design concept, with matching colours to form a single, coherent unit comprised of the basin and its fittings.

Bathroom supplier Keuco is also launching a new range of streamlined, right-angled bath designs. The Keuco “Edition 90” line combines minimalist design language with natural materials and an elegant, restrained aesthetic. The trend for natural materials such as concrete and stone is present on countless stands at the ISH: The “SO” sink fittings by Italian label Fima show how different materials can be combined to create a stylish tap. But there is more to this tap than looks alone: The two grips allow you to adjust the temperature and flow of the water separately.

ISH 2019
ISH 2019
ISH 2019

From touch-free, battery-powered soap dispensers and avant-garde showers to voice-controlled heating thermostats and a whole new world of colour for the bathroom:

The ISH 2019 was full of surprises, with the exhibitors putting on yet another great show.

Did you visit the ISH 2019? What were your favourite moments or exhibits? Did any of the trends on display surprise you? Let us know in the comments.

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