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Interior Trends 2020: What can we expect next year?

Have you noticed the days getting shorter, as the leaves’ foliage turns into beautiful, dappled shades? That means kicking back and relaxing on the sofa for a few hours. Preferably with a cup of tea, a few interior design magazines and a good Internet connection! Relax and take the time to comb through the interior trends of 2020 – we’re more than happy to show you which highlights you can look forward to.

From the Ocean Deep: Rich Tones with Radiant Polish

Colour is one of those elements that can really make a living room’s design distinctive. So, it’s great that after years of lying low, colour is back in fashion! This year, pastel colours already dominate interior room design.

The colour trends of 2020 do, however, take this a step further. The Pantone Colour Institute have already introduced their trends for spring and summer 2020; presenting rich colours that tempt us into the ocean’s depths. This includes an inky blue, a light orange and a pale, algae green. The only thing missing is the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020, which admittedly hasn’t yet been revealed.

Conversely, the well-known colour producer Dulux has already announced their Colour of the Year for 2020. “Tranquil Dawn” is soft and inspired by the colour of a morning sky – standing for safety, playfulness and creativity.

the elephant armchair and table represent a good combination of autum colours

Warm Nordic: Awareness of Life and Interior Trends 2020

Soft colours are prevalent in Scandinavian interior trends such as “Warm Nordic”. In stark contrast to the previously rather cool expression of Scandinavian design, Warm Nordic captures the warmth of Danish hygge: earthy tones, wooden materials and round shapes serve to produce a feeling that soothes body and soul.

This lifestyle trend is also the namesake of the Warm Nordic brand, which appears in the form of Danish design classics. For example, the playful table lamp “Ambience” by designer Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen.

Art Deco Brings Glamour and Luxury

Anyone who is a fiend for luxury and opulence will especially look forward to the interior trends of 2020. After ample celebration of the functional Bauhaus Design in 2019, Art Deco returns as an interior trend – a style direction from France which saw its heyday in the 1920s. For Art Deco, luxurious materials like glass, crystal or bronze and playful designs are the markers.

Designers are already working on extravagant furniture, accessories and living materials that interlock together with art and nature. An example of this is the new tile collection, Rockyart, from the ceramic producers Villeroy and Boch. At the centre of these large tiles are huge, abstract, distorted and yet colourful depictions of hydrangeas. Whoever wants to design their living room with carpets in the Art Deco style will certainly find it enticing! True to style, the tile is decorated with patterns of ornaments, palms, fans or flowers.

Home Textiles 2020: Identity Creators Room and Space Concept

Heimtextil's latest trend show, trade fair for textiles, underscores how important the question of individuality in interior design is today. As one of the first trade fairs of the year, it’s the yardstick for the upcoming trends of 2020. There are currently two published forecasts. The first one is “Maximum Glam”, inspired by popular culture.

There are currently two published forecasts. The first one is “Maximum Glam”, inspired by popular culture. Many of the interior trends of 2020 are aimed at a younger target audience, combining glamour and a fascination with technology. The second seems to be something of a counterpoint: “Pure spiritual”, which embodies a connection with nature and mysticism. The idea? Colour tones harvested from the earth, before being cultivated by humans. It really is no wonder, then, why earthy colours and organic materials are massively present.

Travel smart with Horizn luggage. Source: Horizn Studios / YouTube

Interior Trends 2020: Green Oases

Whether succulents, monstera or philodendron: indoor room plants are also part of the coming interior trend for this season.

The natural paradise in your own four walls serves above all as an oasis of calm and relaxation. You’ll also find inspiration under the Instagram hashtag #plantsofinsta.

Tropical Feeling: That´s one of the wallpaper trends of 2019.

Rich colours and Nordic style with a pinch of glamor: The interior trends 2020 bring a breath of fresh air into our home and give the rooms that certain something.

With these exciting novelties, the upcoming residential season can begin!

What interior trends of 2020 speak to your inner comfort connoisseur? Let us know in the comments!

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