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The interior trends for 2018: Five design highlights of imm cologne

The imm cologne already took place several days ago but the new interior design season has only just begun. Are you still looking for furniture that is en vogue in 2018? The Cologne furniture trade fair offered inspiration en masse. With these design highlights, you are guaranteed to be on style.

Lounge chair in mid-century style – but colourful please!

Whether vintage or retro: In 2018, familiar, proven design elements return. The minimalistic design of the Wittmann Melange Lounge Chair perfectly fits the mid-century style. Classic shapes combined with a lively mix of colours and fabrics create a unique piece of furniture that unites tradition with modernity.

Guided by her sense for natural aesthetics, the Swedish designer Monica Förster integrated a delicate appearance, simple use, and high-end detailed execution into the lounge chair’s design. The piping separates the upholstery from the leather shell, which rests casually on the four-legged wooden or metal frame.

The chair is reduced to its simplest form, but at the same time, it has just enough of an experimental touch. This colourful lounge chair highlights a key furniture trend for 2018.

The serving trolley Grace, clinking and rolling

In the 50ties, it was a must-have for every household. With this year’s interior trends, the serving trolley makes its big comeback. This practical piece of furniture rolls into the living room with a completely new look and modern design. The Grace serving trolley by Sebastian Herkner is likely to become the next classic. With clear lines and a matt powder-coated metal frame, the designer has reinterpreted a classic for the label Schönbuch. The mobile bar, inspired by the architecture of the 1950s, is pure style on wheels. You can also use this functional furniture piece as a side table in the living room or in your home office. The serving trolley in black or night blue is contemporary as much as timeless and is sure to make an elegant statement in your interior.

Level daybed: Time for a little break

Are you also longing to put your feet up after a long day? With this season’s daybed you can do just that! Daybeds are a welcome interior trend for the new season. The Level daybed by the Canadian MDSD Studio, for example, also meets the ongoing demand for sustainable materials and puristic design. You can simply lie down on the leather mattress of the wooden daybed supported by four outward-splayed legs. The Level daybed’s minimalistic concept fits beautifully with the fashionable Scandinavian interior style, which has already introduced more structure and cosiness in our homes last season. With the name “Level”, the designers want to question the separation between private and work life. In these times of flexible work models and open living concepts, this separation becomes increasingly blurred. All the more reason for you to have a daybed ready when you want to take a break and dream away.

Badawi pillows: Boho is this year’s casual interior trend

Also, with the boho trend things get cosy and personalized. Many furniture pieces and colourful accessories showcased the versatility of the boho style at imm cologne. Large floor pillows and handmade rugs together with an unconventional mix of furniture create a feel-good atmosphere. The Badawi pillows by the designer Helmut Scheufele combine various interior trends in one product. The carpet pillow of hand-knotted fabrics by Walter Knoll can be playfully arranged to make unique lounge areas that mirror the casual luxuriousness of modern nomads. In oriental cultures, carpets and pillows are not only used to be seated on the floor but also to sleep on. With a role of fine saddle leather as a support for your head, the Badawi pillow is instantly converted into a comfortable daybed.

The Grand Sofa: Elegantly flexible comfort

Flexibility and individuality in interior design are in high demand more than ever before - Vitra fulfils these expectations with graceful elegance. The Grand Sofà by the Italian designer Antonio Citterio is made out of one upholstered piece that is bend twice to form a platform for sitting and lying down. You can get as many back pillows as you like and arrange them according to your personal preferences. That way, this sofa can be turned into your own little lounge area.

The geometric pillows underline the linear form of this furniture piece, but with their soft filling they invite you to cuddle up on the couch. The underframe of polished or powder-coated aluminium lets the furniture float above the ground on four slim feet. The separate upholstery element and broad selection of fabrics in various colours give maximum freedom in creating the perfect look to match your interior style.

Whether it’s floor pillow, serving trolley, or daybeds: With 2018’s interior trends you get exciting modern classics that make the coming season even more individualized and homey.

Which design highlight of imm cologne is your favourite? Did you discover any other fresh furniture trends you like? We look forward to receiving your comments!

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